Are you in Olympics withdrawal?

I think Jackie Chan is. He posted massive amounts of pictures on his blog about the good times he had as a volunteer for the Olympics, and the famous people he got to meet. Feast your eyes on this quartet you boyband lovers.


These guys know no generation boundaries: L-R Emil Chau Jackie Chan Liu Huan and Andy Lau

But unlike most of us, Jackie doesn’t have to go cold turkey. He will be performing at the first concert event of any kind held at the Birds Nest, along with people who can actually sing/make music, including world famous pianist Li Yundi, old school Chinese singer Song Zuying, and Supergirl Li Yuchun. This is a show for charity.

Tickets will be tight probably since they’ve covered a broad range of fans from the classical to folk to pop to “other” (whatever Jackie Chan’s music would be called) , but don’t worry, if you can’t make the Birds Nest, you can still get tickets for the Musical Watercube Extravaganza.

Article from CRIEnglish:

A stellar big charity concert designed to aid people made disabled by the May 12th earthquake is scheduled to be held on November 29th in the Bird’s Nest, also the first show to be put on there after the Beijing Olympic Games.

Co-sponsored by the China Disabled Persons Federation and the China Foundation for Disabled Persons, the upcoming concert carnival is the fifth such welfare gala performance ever since it was launched five years ago.

A-list showbiz stars, including Jackie Chan, Li Yundi, Song Zuying and Li Yuchun will headline the concert. Chinese Olympic champions and disabled artists are also expected to appear.

One of the biggest charity activities held each year ahead of the International Day of Disabled Persons on December 3rd, the carnival has previously raised more than 40 million yuan for charity purposes.

The May 12th earthquake in southwest China’s Sichuan province claimed nearly 70,000 lives and left millions homeless. Among those who are still hospitalized, at least 6,000 have been diagnosed with permanent disabilities.

3 thoughts on “Are you in Olympics withdrawal?

  1. Sorry!

    I actually don’t really think I miss the Olympics. I loved watching it, but it ate up my time. Anyway, there’s always the Spring Festival this year, which is going to be a major Olympic themed extravaganza.

  2. oh, wow, you just got my withdrawal symptoms back…

    Those short 17 days were so memorable.

    Used to see you,
    always thinking there’s always tomorrow.
    I’ve never thought your smile would make me sad.
    Used to go through the days together,
    I’ve never thought about days without you.

    Hard to say goodbye,
    your smile will always be in front of my eyes.
    Never forget that , turning around, the sky will still be clear and vast tomorrow.
    and we’ll meet again.

  3. they’re the quartet that sang “hard to say goodbye,” a song about saying goodbye to the Olympics.
    That mv totally made me cry…

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