Yuen Woo-Ping picked Jay after seeing the “Fearless” MV


If he's diao enough for Yuen Woo Ping he's diao enough for you

Apparently, it was not just Jay’s diaoness or his marketability that won the famed martial arts choreographer/director over, when he boldly chose him for his movie, Beggar So or True Legend. He looked at the Huo Yuan Jia Theme saw MV and saw he used the nunchucks very fluidly, had a foundation for kung fu, and had a very cool exterior, perfect for a martial arts master.

Jay Chou’s idol has been Jet Li since he was small, and you can see this love for martial arts in his MVs, such as Nunchucks. Unlike in “Curse of the Golden Flower” where spears were the focus and “Kung Fu Dunk”, he will be under Yuen a real martial arts master for this movie.


Jay is so multi-talented that he crosses over seamlessly between media, giving new meaning to the words “Promotional Video”; In essence he created his own audition tape.

Do you see what Yuen Woo-Ping saw?

4 thoughts on “Yuen Woo-Ping picked Jay after seeing the “Fearless” MV

  1. LOL, it does look like power rangers now that I look at it. He said he liked the costume though. But all the movie martial arts masters were pretty cheesy looking…

  2. whats he wearing in that pic?haha

    I hope thats not what he is going to wear in the upcoming movie. It reminds me of some 70s B-movie costume or a Power Rangers costume,lol

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