Top Combine sets a ratings record on Hunan Tv’s Happy Camp; Jin Ensheng suggested for New Meteor Garden


I have realized, after the dozens of Top Combine/H.I.T-5 MVs that popped up out of Youtube (and since most of my site hits come from searching either of those two names), that the reason Chinese entertainment music was not more prolific was not because of the fact that they were Chinese, but rather because there were not boybands. Now that there are some, all the cpop fans have come out of the woodwork including posting Top Combine appearance on Hunan TV’s enormously popular Happy Camp, which apparently set something like a 12 year high for the show.

I say preface that with “something like” because the article doesn’t touch on that point elsewhere in the article except the title. Nevertheless it did get the highest time slot for that time in China. This show is already the most popular variety show in China due to its quintet of fantastic hosts, one of which keeps getting linked to the “New Meteor Garden” as Tsukushi/Shan Cai (Xie Na) and one as Domyjouji/ Dao Mingsi (He Jiong) despite both being way too old for the parts. Yeah, that’s how popular they are. Not only that but the one Korean member in Tom Combine whose Chinese is still not very good is the one fans are trying to suggest as a candidate for “New Meteor Garden” to make it a cross-cultural affair. I have a feeling if this series fails, it’ll be the fans who ruin it, by always joking about the casting. They need to stop saying “Ask Li Yuchun to be Tsukushi/Shan Cai!” because the producers are going to think they are serious and everyone is going to be sorry.

Happy Camp is so good that it actually has has good cameramen, as opposed to the first show Top Combine was on, Tian Tian Xiang Shang, which blinded you with their take on the boys’ Arrival dance.

Part 2 of the show (since part 1 doesn’t have Top Combine, just the hosts): Go to youtube to find the rest and thank the poor soul who decided to upload this:

The best part, of this (shown in part 3)…which people who did not follow Super Boys/ Kuai Nan may not get:

After showing a clip of Xiao Mei, aka Liu Zhoucheng getting shot down for his singing on Super Boys by judge Yang, hostess Xie Na says she’ll sing before he sings, just to make him look good. Host He Jiong says, “Yes, here’s someone else who’s been burned by Yang judge too!”. Xie Na then replies, “what? I haven’t been hurt by him.” Then He Jiong says, “Didn’t he hurt you when he exposed your relationship with Zhang Jie?” Everyone gasps/laughs including Xiao Mei because Zhang Jie was a contestant on the show and Xie Na was a judge and they really got found out as couple. Xie Na then says…”I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that”. He Jiong pretends to go crouch down and say, “I shouldn’t have said that”, then gets up and says, “It’s okay. Judge Yang isn’t here and you guys are still together!” More laughter.

Actually, come to think of it, those two as the leads of Hana Yori Dango/New Meteor Garden/whatever wouldn’t be so bad. They’d make it extremely funny at least.

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  1. To idarklight

    快乐男声全国总决赛13进11 is when judge yang say she told xie na in front of national tv that she is jealous of her because she have zhang jie with beautiful voice that sing to her. Now I miss kuai le nan shen, I going to watch the competition again.

    to cfense

    thanks for updates of mainland stars.

  2. Yeah…I make grammatical mistakes all over this site. Usually by the time I’m finished with a post, I’m already pissed at the time I spent on it, and don’t bother to take the five min to proofread. And when I do spot it later on I’m too lazy to go back and edit it.

  3. I don’t think it matters what her gender is…she’s a quite interesting character…does anyone have a video of when she actually said that to Zhang Jie?

  4. i love kuai le da ben ying. that is quite possibly the funniest show i have ever seen, and the hosts have excellent chemistry.

  5. Jin Ensheng as F4 is a no-no.
    And I don’t see the point of him, neither… he’s sort of left out of all the commotion because he’s not a Super Boy…

    I’m still pro-Ma Xueyang. He’s very, very talented.

  6. @anon Hit-5 hasn’t got very far in promotion, but technically it hasn’t released anything.

    I don’t think it is valid…because Gao Yu was from my show like last year I believe.

    HK, Taiwanese and mainland Chinese entertainment are completely different. Three different paths of development that are slowly merging, but still very, very different.

    Part of the reason I think Hong Kong entertainment never trained their artists were because they were aimed mainly towards the Hong Kong population, which is very small and so it’s not worth it. Plus they had no competition. Zilch. So there was no reason to spend that money.

    @Chiyu…there was an article I forgot to save the link to about the fan suggestions for meteor Garden, and it had both of them in those roles. I think the ptb already said Xie Na’s too old though, despite her look and personality being a good fit.

  7. I do believe it’s Xie Na that was being recruited to be in Meteor Garden, not He Jiu? It would be really gross if they were co-partners; being that they’re both old, and they’re partners on a super popular game show. Don’t they have to act like actors, which is actually a big no on their part? I think they won’t have He Jiu in Meteor garden; Xie Na I’m not so sure.

  8. i think in terms of looks, H.I.T.-5 wins over Top Combine, as for talent, i think its a tie. Both groups have their unique talents and specialties.


    one member can beat box,
    one is extremely good at dancing

    Top Combine
    2 good dancers
    1 music extraodinaire.

    but it does seem like TOp Combine has more backing. Their debut was all over the country. H.I.T.-5 not so much.

    I read that it took 2 years to create H.I.T.-5. does anyone know any validity to this news? it doesn’t seem typical of Chinese entertainment companies to train their artists. ex: HK “boy bands”, singers..etc.

  9. @darkfaerytale

    I think filming Meteor Garden must be some sort of ritual for Asian countries, to show that they’ve finally succumbed to the commercialism of idol entertainment.’


    Yeah, I’m not too sure on the Korean member either…he doesn’t really stand out in anyway unlike the others (singing, dancing, looks, composing) except for the fact that he is Korean, so it seems a bit gimmicky, but I’m sure he’ll eventually be loved like all boyband members are.

    I’m not sure about Hit-5, if they’ll succeed I mean. They don’t have Hunan TV backing them like Top Combine. And they do have at least a couple talented members…but they haven’t showcased that so well.

  10. Not really into this boyband… not to hate on the Korean member but it would be nice to have a whole band that is Chinese. I hope Hit-5 becomes more popular, I see more potential in them.

  11. God I can’t keep up with mainland ent. I do remember however, that when MG (Taiwan) first came out, China like banned it cause it was inappro or something. Oh how things have changed. I don’t really have high expectations for the mainland one just cause I don’t know how well they can do a non epic!historical! drama. Whatever, I know I’ll end up watching either way and with this one and the Korean one coming out, bring on the endless comparisons.

    So like, I wrote about Top Combine because of you actually.. and I really don’t even care that much about them. I made some comments about them being poor man’s DBSK or something, and people just started attacking me. Well, they already have the rabid, overprotective fangirls thing down so I guess they’re pretty much on track for an Asian boyband. Thanks for the heads up about the videos. They are actually pretty adorable and hyper. The violin one is super hot. The JT wannabe is cute too. Oh squee, Korean boy is cute too. Ok, all of them aren’t bad.. God, you’re right, I do have a one track mind.. lol

  12. The articles I have in this post were the newest ones I found…but the He Jiong and Xie Na thing were fan suggestions…I don’t know whether they are joking or not and unfortunately I don’t think Hunan does either…but I hope they go wit their common sense.

  13. I love it when He Jiong teases Xie Na about Zhang Jie…they’re so cute.
    The last comment was especially surprising.
    “It’s okay. She’s no longer on the stage, but you guys are still together.”

    But there’s no way He Jiong and Xie Na will be on Meteor Garden. I think someone from Hunan has already stepped out and said Xie Na is too old.

  14. Ah, but no one would watch except people who know how funny they are. It wouldn’t be an idol series anymore, and that’s what people are excited about.

    And yeah, they’re still together actually! She was in his MV.

  15. Actually if they used Xie Na and He Jiong they can change the setting to like a corporate environment instead of high school and tone up the comedy element, and if it works it would be more original than repeating the story with another set of young actors.

    That bit on Zhang Jie was really funny! Were they actually together? They seem to mention it so much.

  16. omg! they are serious about casting Xie Na an He Jion as Shan Cai and DaoMingShi? a BIG NOOOOOOOOOOOO

    He Jiong is definitely too old. He’s just not DMZ material, neither is Shancai.

    Im also opposed to using Jin En Sheng as one of the four main characters. If it’s the Chinese version of the series, they should use Chinese actors or at least actors who can speak Chinese frequently.

    I agree with you in that if the series fails, the fans would hold a big part in it failing.

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