Dragon TV celebrates its 5th anniversary


This is a photoshoot that was taken maybe a week ago to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Dragon TV, a popular channel in China, though not as popular as Hunan TV. The shoot features stars that acheived their fame through Dragon TV, so if you don’t follow Chinese tv then you’ll know nobody in here, but there’s My Hero’s Pu Bajia, Song Xiaobo, and Qin Yanshi and My Show’s Xue Zhiqian. And also some old people I don’t know. I never got around to putting it up because I was busy, but was reminded when they held their event for this. I liked the photoshoot because it was rather trippy, something like Anne Lebowitz would do and something I hope to see more of in Chinese photoshoots. Also I’m always happy seeing Song Xiaobo in anything. Click on the gallery for pics, and under the cut are a few (emphasis on few) pics of people at the premiere, which included Ma Tianyu, Zhang Junning and BOBO. You can watch the entire show/celebration with me.

At first I thought the umbrellas were to continue the whimsical theme of the celebration. But it was actually drizzling that day.




More BOBO (all BOBO pics are HQ bc their fans are insane…pick and click)


And because Jing Boran fans are more prominent than Fu Xinbo’s they got nice pics of him.



You can’t see him clearly in this picture but Zhang Junning performed his new song, Prince’s heart. He is releasing a new album.



5 thoughts on “Dragon TV celebrates its 5th anniversary

  1. BoBo fans are really really really crazy (yep, the 3 “really” is necessary). They like hate each other. I don’t really understand how it got started, but it’s pretty serious. I think you are right that Boran has more fans, it’s proven in many ways. Which is also part of the reason of the disputes. Seems to me that the Boran and Xinbo are really good buddies, why can’t the fans just get along? That totally defeats the biggest attraction of a group.
    And lol, the “old people” in the pictures are the channel’s TV hosts, I think.

  2. I’m not sure actually…he’s in Hai Yan’s company I think…whatever that’s called, and there’s some sort of weird affiliation with Jun Jun and Nathan from Take, who may be in the same company. Which sucks for Junning since the careers of those two aren’t exactly taking off.

    Which is why I’m desperately hoping for Junning to actually have learned something as a music major and write his own songs.

  3. No, I’m quite serious about BoBo’s fans being insane. There was an article about if Bobo is in danger of disbanding due to them. I’m quite afraid of them ruining BOBO.

    Yeah, MTY and Gao XiaoChen are both rather childish looking but Xiaochen’s more unique looking, and a lot taller. And I like Xiaochen’s voice a lot, lot better.

    Prince’s heart is not a good song. Zhang Junning is not a bad singer, is a good dancer, and was a music major at his university, so I except some compositions from him, otherwise he’ll just be a pretty face who’s dancing is better than his singing, in which case he shouldn’t be a singer. I really hope he can better himself though…he has the potential.

  4. Lol at your comments about Bobo’s fans! Good on them for taking those close up pics~~

    That pic of Ma Tianyu reminded me, don’t you think he looks like Gao Xiaochen? They both have this childish air.

    Also looking forward to Zhang Junning’s album, I’ve never heard him sing before.

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