Zhang Ziyi will star with So Ji-sub in romantic comedy


The news here, obviously, is that Zhang Ziyi will be doing a romantic comedy. Earlier I mentioned how I liked Fan Bingbing because she wasn’t looking to build herself a repertoire of amazing, critically acclaimed films. I think Zhang Ziyi is who I was thinking about consciously or subconsciously when I said that.

She started out with a bang with Zhang Yimou (not literally though), and then slowly picked her way through the rest of the most critically acclaimed Chinese directors, Ang Lee (well, Taiwanese), Luo Ye, Wong Kar-wai, Feng Xiaogang, and now Chen Kaige. It didn’t even stop with the Chinese ones as she went abroad to do films with critically acclaimed-foreign directors Rob Marshall and Seijun Suzuki. All were those lovely, deep meaningful movies that gets you international acclaim, but not necessarily love from the audience. How does one obtain this love? Romantic comedies of course.

VarietyAsia says:

Pic tells a story of Sophie, a cartoonist who falls in love at first sight with a surgeon, and plots her revenge after after a famous actress steals him away.
The film is a co-production between Korea’s CJ Entertainment and China’s Perfectworld. Chinese actress Fan Bing-bing (“Battle of Wits”) is also attached to play the seductress.
Pic is helmed by Chinese director Jin Yimeng, and will be released in China in end 2009.

As you can see from the choice of the unknown director, she really is ready to turn a new leaf. Jia You Zhang Ziyi in this new endeavor, and may people finally stop giving you crap just for being famous. It’s not your fault if opportunity just fell in your lap.


Oh and, Jo Ji-sub? Big downgrade from the last Korean actor she worked with, Joo Jinmo. If it was a romantic comedy, I’d rather it not be with someone who looks perpetually like a combination of stoned/emo.

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  4. Usually non-hot people do get much hotter after seeing them in something, especially k-dramas, where the male characters are basically perfect gentleman or something, and he may play it better than Zhang Ziyi since Zhang Ziyi really has no romantic comedy experience but right now, not feeling it. The picture that I picked here is one of the first where I could find a facial expression for him.

  5. I loved So Ji Sub in I’m Sorry, I Love You. I didn’t think he was that good looking at first, but after a few episodes, omg was he hot. I think he’d play this part well though from what I’ve seen of him :D.

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