SMG plans female version of “My Hero” next year


BoBo, the most popular product of My Hero

After the announcement of Superboys renewal for 2009, Shanghai Media Group, who decided in 2006 to create a show that would promote a new generation of stars in China called My Hero, was also looked to expectantly to make an announcement.

Chinese entertainment does not really work on a system where companies find potential-idols at a young age and train them, and since Chinese companies usually sign people with a certain degree of fame already, this was a welcome way to help (usually) well-rounded, talented guys get their names out there and known to entertainment companies.

BoBo was formed from the 2007 season of the show, since during the show Jing Boran and Fu Xinbo became best friends, and Hua Yi Brothers quickly saw their potential as a duo and signed them. This group has since become one of the show’s most popular alumni (although debatable if most successful). Like Superboys, the show was put on hold during the Olympics, and was in a state of limbo, but it is reported that for 2009, they will renew this show except it will be focused on girls, and trying to create new female stars. The new version is tentatively called “Cinderella”.

However, this is not an official announcement, but rather inside information. It does however, seem fully likely that this will happen.


I am happy (since I loved My Hero aka Jia You Hao Nan Er) and was really hoping that they’d renew it, but I don’t quite care so much about a girl version. All the same, I hope this will bring out previously undiscovered talents.

3 thoughts on “SMG plans female version of “My Hero” next year

  1. I think this would make the most sense since they won’t be competing with Hunan… since Hunan’s dropping Super Girls next year and only Super Boys. Is My Show still going on?

  2. My Show had a quite a few not so good looking people, young but ugly. It was more fun, more hiphop. This one is less hiphop but also it’s like the full-package…eye candy, nice personalities and talented. More than half the top ten of 2007 could have become great solo artists, and they did. That’s kind of the problem though. China has so many people that there are enormous amounts of potential stars, but they can’t accomodate everyone. Fans can’t spend money on that many of them. So I guess you’re right. I thought 2007 My Hero finalists were pretty successful overall, but My Show? The most popular one from there (excluding Zhang Jie) was Xue Zhiqian. After all this time.

    But some people from My Show are releasing something together I think, including Ma Haisheng. Not Gao Xiaochen though. :(

  3. They should continue to do the male version!! Although Dragontv’s talent search shows always get outdone by Hunan in popularity, no. of participants and overall talent I guess, but at least there a quite a number of fangirls supporting the guys in hao nan er. I think girls will be even less popular, but I hope I’m wrong.

    I also don’t really see the difference between Hao nan er/ this new girls version of Hao nan er and My Show. They all choose good looking young people to perform regardless of how much talent they have and they sing and act on stage. They should just put all the effort into one show and raise the quality of that show rather than doing 2 shows which still loses out to Hunan’s chao ji nv sheng/kuai le nan sheng. There are so many people in those shows who I like but in the end their career still doesn’t get very far. Maybe because they don’t have that many fans, or SMG fails to promote them, which is pretty hopeless because won’t the participants be discouraged knowing the fate of their predecessors?

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