Does Fan Bingbing look like Ugly Wudi?

After the film stills were released of her character in Desires of the Heart, that’s what people are saying. When I made my first post on this site about the series Ugly Wudi, I didn’t know it would be this popular, where it’s being referenced all the time now, even as a critique for FBB’s appearance. Fan Bingbing’s getting quite a lot of bad press lately. Pictures were recently brought up again of her looking cozy with influential people in the business, and for being nominated as an official to the Chinese Western Media Group (people thought she didn’t deserve it).

Before and After:


Perosnally, I love that she’s doing this role.



I know Fan Bingbing doesn’t have the impressive resume that other Chinese actresses have, like Zhang Ziyi or Li Bingbing or Zhou Xun, but that’s so refreshing. Most of Chinese actresses come from drama universities, and thus their mindset is entirely focused fueling that acting career and thus gun for all these artsy roles. But Fan Bingbing has chosen quite a variety of roles, some that one wouldn’t expect from someone of her fame.

She’s done quite a bunch of roles that make people go wtf, including a smoking, lesbian alien in A Chinese Tall Story.


Then after a lot of commercial roles she gained a lot of critical acclaim and respect after doing a great job playing Ping Guo/Apple, or its English title, Lost in Beijing.


Then she took all that arthouse cred and threw it back in the faces of faces by starring as TINA, the pretty DJ in the commercial film Kung Fu Hiphop, and that’s when I started to like her a lot because it was like a statement that she didn’t really care about if critics liked what she did or not. And so, while I still like those actresses mentioned above, I still find it absolutely refreshing to see someone of her fame who will do silly, roles in cheesy movies.


So basically, looking forward to this movie, because Fan Bingbing is just that unpredictable.


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  1. Oh wow, she looks different. But she’s beautiful all the same and I like how she chooses diverse roles. :)

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