Top Combine Getting Compared Favorably to SJ-M

For someone who wanted to know how China’s fastest rising boyband is doing, there are no sales numbers but I just read another article about their growing popularity, how a famous website had 10x the registration for them as for SJM, how their appearances on shows are getting really high ratings, and how if they work hard, they have the potential to obtain SJM’s level of power. Should be taken with a grain of salt, but the fact is they are getting publicity.

After I learned Ma Xueyang (“Mars”), had composed and wrote the lyrics for Cotton Candy, one of the songs on their EP, I decided to give this band a chance since most boybands don’t compose anything for their debuts. He also plays the guitar and the violin. I think it would be a shame to let that kind of musical talent go to waste, so I’m hoping that they succeed and I will get to hear him compose more. They also have a fantastic vocalist in Zhang Yuan.


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Oh, and while you’re at it buy Hou Xian’s Invincible Eastern! It was amazing and it’s only $8.49, the poor thing.

Cotton Candy, composed and written by Ma Xueyang

Edit: One think that a rant at a Sina blog made me realize one more thing. Because Top Combine is essentially a product of Hunan TV, they are going to be supported by Hunan TV the most. Which means guest spots on shows, and basically more promotion than the other boybands. I don’t agree that with the post that says Hunan TV is favoring Top Combine and trying to put down SJ-M (SJ-M always gets so much screentime) but they will make sure Top Combine gets as much exposure as they can.

I’ve been quite pleasantly surprised to learn quite a few of the idol singers that have come out of China do compose some of their own music, such as Su Xing, Zha Xi Dun Zhu, etc, and all for their debut CDs too, so maybe a trend of more and more idol singers in China may not be such a bad thing. So for anyone who does want Chinese boybands, support them, and if they get popular, you’ll most certainly get your boybands.

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