Superboys Musical looking a lot like High School Musical


Update:Hunan TV Will Put On a new season of 快乐男声 aka Superboys next year.

This post has officially become a celebration post

Superboys musical picspam behind the cut. Click and be amazed at the festivity, the wonder, the number of straight(?) guys dancing together, awesome t-shirts and “the girl with braids”. Also, some more information about Hunan’s New Meteor Garden/Hana Yori Dango.

Pictures have surfaced of the movie “Le Huo Nan Hai” (maybe I should start calling it this?) movie, or what I like to call the Superboys Musical, where most of the boys are at the beach together dancing and singing, that reminds me so much of High School Musical. HSM is of course, insanely popular in Asia as it is in the entire world I believe. Maybe this movie, as silly as its premise is, can tap into the musical niche in China. Let’s see if fangirl power in China can propell this movie to the top.

I’m a bit in love with Hunan TV like all the other Chinese netizens out there. CCTV is losing money despite/due to lots of funding to do their big-bugeted historical dramas and their feel-good boring dramas with morals (think Han Geng’s Stage of Youth), and bad marketing skills. For CCTV/SARFT it’s not about if the movie/series is fun to watch, it’s about if it has good moral character, etc. Thus SARFT makes directors edit and CCTV will show tv series an episode per day until it’s over. It’s quite bad decision-making. But Hunan TV is different, it’s out to make money, and it knows how to. It also has all the silliness that I could hope for without the overbearing restraint. I don’t understand why the entertainment world can’t just go out and make money. China’s one of the most capitalist places in the world. How can you fail so bad at capitalism in the entertainment market?



Oh, and because Yu Haoming looks really good with kids, some more pics of him from this movie:f7d888cb6d5857e652664fc5887182d43f9e661aa18bb7c5


Oh and check this out, one of the female cast members that no one knows but has a awesome t-shirt, that would have went well with my last picspam on this movie, wherein I talked about the female shortage in China.

Oh, and this girl. She is so unique looking. A long time ago, well not that long, I wanted hair like hers.


And she’s tight with Wang Yuexin!


More on her from here. It reads like a people article on how supporting cast members and their interactions with their more famous costars, which is kind of cute. It says basically that she’s a great addition to the cast and Wang Yuexin says he wouldn’t like to compare strength with her.

Alright, ending my rambling. Tell me if you don’t like my Le Huo Nan Hai picspam posts, because considering how far away the premiere date is, there’ll probably be many more like these.

16 thoughts on “Superboys Musical looking a lot like High School Musical

  1. Yu Haoming also hosts this other show on Hunan, it’s called like Tian Tian Xiang Shang, and since he’s doing some other stuff like he just finished filming the drama Meteor Shower, (which is totally different from Meteor Garden) and I saw some pics of him on this Chinese version of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?, so I think he will be pretty famous. Also, on Wikipedia there was this link for an English-speaking Yu Haoming fan club website (which I joined, of course) and he has these ones on like Facebook and everything too.

  2. I think he’s pretty far from his potential though…I mean it’s like saying the winners of dancing with the stars are super famous. They’re more famous, but still not that famous.

    As for the girl…she probably is…the girls besides Xu Dongmei look alike to me sometimes.

  3. Actually, Yu Haoming won 1st place on Hunan TV and TVBs joint version of Dancing with the Stars, which makes him pretty well known.

    As for the girl with the “single” shirt…Are you sure she’s not Tang Xiao? (aka the female lead of the movie aka Yu Haoming’s character’s girlfriend aka a Super Girl)

  4. Yeah, all thirteen finalists are in this, so Zhang Yuan is in it too! I can’t believe I’m hyping this movie! I myself don’t really have high expectations but I think it’ll be fun.

    As for Xu Dongmei, the girl with the braids, she is from Beijing and was one of the 16 finalists for Jackie Chan’s pupil series, or whatever that was called. I don’t know any more than that. She certainly does look like an ethnic minority, but I’m not sure. China is really that big and a lot of different looks can occur even within the Han ethnicity. I’m going to edit this with information from an article I found. I really think she’ll bring something interesting to the movie.

  5. I think Yun, you’re talking about Zhang Yuan from Top Combine. Yes he is in those pics since he was in the top 10 of kuai le nan sheng! He sings so well, glad they put at least one singer in there

  6. the girl with the braids. is she some sort of ethnic minority in china? she definently does not look like any chinese i have ever seen. she seems african american but you didnt mention that, so i assume shes chinese.

  7. ..I like these pic spams XD

    and you’re right, Yu Haoming looks amazingly good with kids. It’s very adorable.

    I think now I’m actually looking forward to seeing this movie now, after all the pics and hype with (amazingly straight, wow) guys dancing together. 8D and is it just me, or do one of the guys looking strikeingly similar to the tallest boy with the great voice in Top Combine?

    (I so do want to write for this site, but I’m afraid I might not have enough time to contribute as much as I’d like, as my schedule is random and varies all the time D: )

  8. My friend from China told me Yu Haoming is already very popular. And he is releasing his album soon. And plus he got the lead in Le Huo Nan Hai. I think he will be big.

  9. Nah, he’s not really that famous yet. He’s not a household name or anything close to it. People know Chen Chusheng more. Out of all the top uh, 7 I think he’s done the least in terms of music besides Ji Jie, but when he does release an album he’ll be very popular I’m sure.

    Hao Nan Er has been doing some stuff, I posted about a few times about them somewhere around here.

  10. Yu Hao Ming is so popular in China. he probably will get even bigger.

    Whatever happened to 好男儿? they didn’t have one this year. don’t really hear that much about the boys from last years competition…well except BoBo and a few others.

  11. Well they were from Kuai Le Nan Sheng / Happy Boys Voice / Superboys, it’s like American Idol, or Taiwan’s One Million Star or your country of choice’s singing contest show. It was first shown on Hunan TV years ago but it was called Supergirls and had only girls. It’s 2005 season was the most popular, but in 2006 the popularity began to wane, and then they decided to do an all male version, which had 13 finalists, all of which will be the centerpiece of this movie. They were all really singers, some more than good others, but nevertheless all still very good.

    Most of the top half have already released EPs, a lot of which I thought were great. Wang Yuexin’s, fantastic. His had a song that was made especially for his ability to sing in the dolphin register.

    Yu Haoming, I think has the ability to go farthest because he has the charisma, looks, singing, dancing, and if he snags the lead in the “New Meteor Garden” like it seems will happen, then acting as well.

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