Can you get cuter than this? No, no you can't.

Unfortunately cuteness doesn't always mean safety

The MV which was filmed in Taipei was based on a true story about a boy who gets into a car accident while on route to meet a girl. JJ wrote the song with the story in mind. When filming he decided not to use a stunt double (OMG is he crazy biking like that? What would we do without his songs?), making the crew very nervous for the big truck scene. I’m not going to say too much about the details of the story, so we can just watch this this when it comes out. Even if it means seeing him go flying in the air like ET.



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2 thoughts on “JJ Lin’s new song and MV “I Still Think of Her” based on a true story”

  1. Argh, I can’t believe I forgot to add that part in. It was my favorite part of the article (the rest was kind of depressing).

    JJ’s skin is flawless in every single picture I see!

  2. that got to be hurt~ ><
    but his shoes were more important~ (according to JJ) :P
    nice pics~ great skin~ ^3^

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