Who’s handsomer? Andy Lau or Stephen Chow? Our first look at Future Cops.


Anyone else thinking Jetsons after seeing this pic?

Xu Jiao has certainly come a long way since being picked out of thousands of girls (and presumably boys) in China to play Stephen Chow’s son in CJ7, she starred with Aaron Kwok in one of the Sichuan Earthquake short films, now she’s beginning another movie with Andy Lau, and already people are vying for her approval. At the meet and greet of the new pre-production “Future Cops” movie (not related to the old one), the entire main cast was there. Andy Lau would play a time traveling space cop, Barbie Hsu the love interest, Xu Jiao the daughter and Mike He will be playing Andy’s boss.


Xu Jiao said she aware she was very lucky to cooperate with Andy Lau, but when asked by reporters which one of her “dads” was better looking, Andy or Stephen she awkwardly said she did not understand how to reply. Then Andy Lau said, “Of course, I am! He has charisma, but I’m handsome!”. Xu Jiao then smiled and said, “Right!”


As for Barbie Hsu, this is a wish fufilled. When she came to Hong Kong to promote “Connected” she had said she would like to work with Andy Lau, but did not think the opportunity would come so quickly. Dee Hsu, Small S, already said she would come to visit her and was very jealous.


This is Mike He’s first movie, and he’s playing Andy Lau’s boss. When asked if he felt pressure, he said that he was okay for now, but hoped he would not make a mistake, and embarrass himself since the movie required a lot of movement, but he’d give it his all.


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Looks like all the cast members (except Andy I guess, who can’t get really that much more famous) are moving up in the world. Barbie has slowly moved on to a bonafide movie actress (a definite step up from tv star). If this keeps up and she keeps acting in quality HK films, she could be the next Rene Liu. Mike He has gotten some street cred apparently somehow (maybe because he went to China to film something other than a idol drama?) at least enough to snag this role, and Xu Jiao is so going to be China’s Dakota Fanning.

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