Chen Kun Photoshoot in Magazine iLook


Posting this because I’m biased towards him, because I feel bad for deciding to excise him out of my header, and because I love the first picture. As always, pics behind the cut, because the gallery doesn’t give you full size (unless someone can tell me how to work that) and summary of the article, where he talked about Painted Skin and his new series.

The theme of the photoshoot was “low key”, something that is not always easily found in the entertainment world. In their interview, Chen Kun talked about his character Painted Skin and how because he and Zhao Wei were around the same age, they did not need to act like those newly in love, where everything is on the surface but rather could act like those who had been married for quite some time and everything was internal. He also spoke about how he took 8 months off after filming that, and is now concentrating on a drama, where he will play the son of a princess in the time of the last emperor, and will play his character from age 18 to 90 from the Republic of China to the 70s as he travels in the story from Taiwan to Beijing, to Shanghai and then finally to the South.



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  1. Thought he looks best when he remains natural and not overdressed or made-up. Thought he looke best in the TV serial with Taiwanese Actress Zheng Pao Yee in “Ming Yanf Hua Gu”.

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