Kimi dances a bit slutty at his Shanghai Concert

It seems like there are always concerts in China. I guess if you have the venues, and the population, then you might as well take advantage of it. So I could be covering a lot of recent concerts, but I guess I’m going to pick and choose. I don’t know how many of you know Kimi, aka Qiao Renliang but I’ve been looking forward to seeing what he had to offer at his first solo concert since he has a fantastic stage presence, and while China has rock, I don’t think that many bands are punk rock like he is. But I don’t know, this is a bit sluttier than I thought his stage presence would be.

On November 1st, the Shanghai native Kimi returned to his hometown to hold his “I love Rock and Roll” concert at Luwan stadium. From Sina and Sohu accounts it was very successful, and went off without a problem. First he danced with 6 other dancers on stage, and then just one, doing a sexy dance with just one dancer and getting a “kiss”. To comfort his fans afterwards, he smiled and said “This is for art, and not taking advantage of art’. Because he danced very little before, the anticipation was great. Edit: Oh some fan got pissed off and wrote about how she couldn’t stand seeing him with that woman. she uses the words “very angry” so many times, lol.

Besides singing his own songs, he sang other songs. In particular he sang Jacky Cheung’s “Always Had You” to show his fans his appreciation for their support. Then doing a 180 from the sexy image, he sang Teresa Teng’s “我只在乎你” or “I only care about you”, his mother’s favorite because his mother was in attendance. Because of work, he could not be next to his mother often and on the screen, everyone could see how happy she was. Concert director A Kenn came and congratulated him on such a successful concert, giving it 98% (I wonder what he deducted 2% for).

To prepare for the concert, Kimi spent 2 hrs at the gym, and 4 hours at dance practice every day. He also requested that 20 kg tied to himself. After the complete success of his concert, this is only a new beginning for him. Question: Does anyone know what happened to his band???


I will add a fancam if anyone uploads it to youtube, because I really want to see him dance, but I don’t right now. You can look at his MV from his first single though, which he performed at the concert:

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  1. Glad to hear his concert was a success! Kimi has really awesome style and (like u said) stage presence but I hope his talents can improve to match that level. Don’t think there was a real need for that dancing with the girl part though lol

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