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Jay, trying to gain acting skills through osmosis

Jay, trying to gain acting skills through osmosis

1. Having released his latest CD, Jay Chou will be trying out acting again. He is joining the cast of “True Legend” aka “Beggar Su” aka “Su Qi Er” , whose name refers to the great martial artist who mastered drunken fighting.

This character has appeared in many martial art films including Drunken Master, and has been played by Donnie Yen and others. The movie will be directed by famed martial arts choreographer, Yuan Heping or better known as Yuen Woo-ping, aka the best action choreographer in the world. This collab must be a fanboy’s dream come true for Jay Chou who loves martial arts. He plays someone who will give instruction to Beggar So, played by martial arts actor Zhao Wenzuo . Other notables in the cast are actress Zhou Xun playing Beggar So’s wife and Guo Xiaodong, of Luo Ye’s “Summer Palace.” who places a patriot inspired by the man. People asked why Jay was chosen, without an martial arts training or background experience (Kung Fu Dunk does not count apparently) and Mr. Yuen said something about his silent cool persona being right for the role. Psh, you know he just wants the free movie theme that he gets in the bargain. Jay said he was happy to oblige for this movie.

2. A still from “Desires of the Heart” was released showing Ge You and Fan Bingbing in bed. This releases November 20th. I like Ge You and Fan Bingbing but not together, and not like that, even if this is a comedy. I have to say though, this looks like an interesting movie, and while Fan Bingbing may be best known for her humongo eyes, she looks really adorable in glasses. This will be the year for Chinese movie actresses in glasses looking cute and quirky. Quick poll!

Fan Bingbing in "Desires of the Heart"

Zhou Xun in Women are not Bad

Zhou Xun in "Women are not Bad"

3. The main cast and crew of the new “The Dream of the Red Chamber”posed for some shots for magazine Officiel. After seeing these pics of Yang Yang I don’t have faith anymore of him as Baoyu. He looks like a deer caught in headlights in all the pictures. He’s much better when he’s just being himself (and with bangs). And both of those girls look like they’re deathly sick, not just Lin Daiyu. They’re spending 7.3 million USD on this production and hopefully by the time it’s ready to air, it will be better than what’s been seen.

4. A new video showing the filming of “My Love Bread” was posted, showing “Jarvis” (I cannot believe he chose this as an English name. It’s the mad hatter’s name!) Wu Jianfei and Ariel Lin filming their scene for the series. It actually seems really awkward and Ariel looks like she’s thinking, What am I doing here? This guy’s acting sucks. And yeah, sadly she’s right.

5. It’s official. There are now three out of the four great novels in production as tv series, first Dream of the Red Chamber, the Three Kingdoms, and now Journey to the West. The last one may be the most iconic out of all of them, but here it certainly doesn’t seem to be getting the same treatment that the lavish productions of the other two have. This is what CRI English had to say.

The most renowned mythical novel in China, “Journey to the West”, as is also known as “Monkey King”, will have another new versioned TV series among its many TV incarnations.
While director Zhang Jizhong’s version (director of the latest Condor Heroes trilogy) has been in pre-production for nearly two years, it seems less-famed director Cheng Lidong will put out a Monkey King TV series earlier than him. The 28-part show started filming at the end of last month, with a series of promotional photos being released on Sunday.
Hong Kong starlet Victor Chen, younger brother of singer Kelly Chen, plays the part of Monk Xuanzang and Peking opera actor Fei Yang is cast as the Monkey King Sun Wukong.
The production is a joint venture of Zhengjiang Yongle Film and TV Company and actress Fan Bingbing’s studio, said Mu Xiaoguang, Fan’s manager and producer of the drama. The series is scheduled to be shot in eight months.

Sorry, this post just got more depressing as it went on. I’ll be on the lookout for a Water Margin remake. I know some tv director/producer is just dying to tap into that as of yet un-remade classic.

7 thoughts on “Chinese News Batch #3 Television/Movie Themed

  1. OMG, really? You need to go rent it asap! It was a pretty good adaptation. I’m not sure how a 90s series would hold up now though.

    Anyway, this and his Cong Tou Zai Lai are his most famous songs.

  2. Liu Huan’s Hao Han Ge? theme song for the 90’s version of the Water Margin series I presume.. Do you have an mp3 of it or a link online? I would like to hear it. Also, what is the series from the 90s you are talking about. I must have missed it because the one I was thinking was done in the 70/80s with mainly Japanese actors.

  3. William:
    I think the last series was from the 90s, but I definitely think they’re going to do a remake fairly soon. The only quibble I have with that is that I loved Liu Huan’s Hao Han Ge though, and I hope they manage to use that somehow again if they do. Because it was such a iconic song.

    The girl is Zhou Xun, imo and many other’s opinions the best Chinese actress of her generation.

    Yes, My Love Bread is Taiwanese (the latest Ariel-Joe Cheng collab), but Jarvis is mainland Chinese and I don’t think he gets that much screentime. He used to be called Jerry. I don’t know what happened.

  4. And is “My Love Bread” a Taiwanese drama? I saw my first Jarvis (what’s with the name though?!!) MV yesterday. I have to say, he is reallllly cute :).

  5. I was just thinking the same thing. Water Margin IMO is the best out of the 4 to do a TV series out of. Its my favorite out of the 4. Its surprising no one has done a series out of it since like the 80s or 70s. No worries though, I believe that once Andrew Lau/Johnnie To release their Water Margin trilogy and Ronny Yu releases his 300esque Water Margin adaptation “108”, their will be a big budget TV series remake coming soon after that. That would be awesome

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