Small S: Instant Zhang Ziyi Fan at Elle Style Awards

This more or less perfunctory type event was given a little jolt by Taiwan TV personality Small S, or Dee Hsu. As Zhang Ziyi, who was next to last to receive an award, made her way up to the podium, Small S exclaimed, “It’s her, It’s her! This is the first time I saw her with my own eyes!”

She continued the fan act a few minutes later. As Zhang Ziyi was leaving, Hsu asked if she could take a picture with her backstage. Kevin Tsai, her cohost for the evening jokingly said her would no longer bring her to the event. I’m sure in actuality it was that awkward for all present. It seems interesting that Dee Hsu would be so starstruck considering she’s a famous TV host who interviews stars regularly. But it could be noted that she’s very pan-blue and could be making a statement, because like I said before, there are very few Chinese stars that can come to Taiwan for promotion.

Zhang Ziyi

What? Me, popular?

Small S, being fangirly

Small S and Kevin Tsai, Taiwan TV personality, hosted the event.

Big S, aka Barbie Hsu aka the one who doesn’t indulge in shenanigans.

Karen Mok actually looked really pretty at this event. Just not so much in these pictures. Her choice of dress is rather unfortunate too.

Sun Li wasn’t actually invited to the event. She just got lost on her way to a Halloween party.

Where's the candy? What? A fashion awards show? On Halloween night? Lame.

Zhang Zilin, Miss World 2007 and even better their winner of “Most likely to suceed as a model” .

An actual model, Pei Bei.

Li Bingbing

Screw these shennanigans! I'm still the only one with a Golden Rooster for best actress, and even better, a wax figure at Madame Tussands. I think I might go there again after this is done to at look at how badly they messed it up. Have people in London never seen an Asian before? Would it have killed them to make me look less like a white chick?

Chen Kun was the only male winner of anything. I don’t know if that supposed to make a guy feel good or not. It probably doesn’t matter. He always is so polite and earnest when receiving awards, even if they are meaningless, saying “I’m very grateful…etc etc, and will try harder.”

Dang, they told me there would be other guys at this one!

Dang, they told me there would be other guys here!

Vicky Zhaowei was also supposed to be honored at the event for some award, but she was instead at Sichuan helping with an event for the Earthquake. Awww.


Here’s the article from CRIEnglish if anyone cares to read:

Known as the Oscars of the fashion world, the Elle Style Awards 2008 were held in the ‘Shanghai Centre Theatre’ in Shanghai on Friday night. The awards turned out to be a red-carpet fashion show of A-list stars and celebrities wearing the most coveted fashion labels.

It is the first time the event has been held in China since its launch in London in 1997.

One of the most popular Chinese actresses, Zhang Ziyi, was a spectacular arrival on the red carpet with her backless Armani dress and shimmering diamond accessories. When asked about her impending marriage with fiance Vivi Nevo, she dismissed the rumors, saying she has not planned anything yet.

The Taiwan sister act ASOS, Barbie Hsu and Dee Hsu were also in attendance. Barbie looked quite glamorous in her slinky sequined dress. She joked with reporters from Shanghai-based ‘Dongfang Daily’, saying that her glamorous style would overshadow the other celebrities.

Actress Zhang Ziyi also revealed she will postpone plans to become a producer, complaining there is too much to organize in the short term.

In contrast, Hong Kong singer-actress Karen Mok has already begun her work as a producer and the screenwriting is already underway. She said shooting on her directorial debut may begin next year.


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