Looks Like Someone Won Something at the Golden Bell Awards

Would you rather get a kiss from Joe Cheng or win Best Television Actress at the Golden Bell Awards? Some lucky people can have both. Yes, Ariel nabbed the highly competitive prize this year against the likes of Joe Chen Qiao En(heavily favored), Rainie Yang and Angela Chang.

Kind of lazy to post the pics, but more are here

6 thoughts on “Looks Like Someone Won Something at the Golden Bell Awards

  1. eh, it’s not worth it. (The Butterfly Lovers)

    Huang Rong had a naturally good heart, but she was never taught to think about anyone else’s feelings. Her daughters show this pretty well. One inherited her selfishness and the other her good heart. But I don’t think she was ever mature. When I think of mature, I think of responsibility, of thinking more than just yourself. She did think about others, but mostly in terms of herself. That’s why she got along so well with Lao Wantong. Neither of them really ever grew up. Even after she was married and had kids, she was still sly and protective of herself, even in instances when it was inappropriate. I think respecting Guo Jing’s decision to stay and die for the people was the one moment when I thought, “she finally grew up.”

  2. Huang Rong’s character had a good heart, I felt like she wanted to help other people but don’t know how to help the right way. And it’s probability because her father spoiled her since she was little so she doesn’t know what she should and should not do. But Ariel was able to show her character’s growth; Huang Rong begin maturing a little when they were trapped on that island with Ouyang Ke.

    I want to take a chance and watch the Butterfly Lovers movie just to see if they’ve given him acting lessons. Cause if Wu Chun’s a good actor, then the My Hero boys are amazing actors in Lycra’s Frog Prince. Actually Wu Di Wen’s acting in Frog Prince wasn’t that bad, especially in comparison to Zhang Xiao Chen’s and Wu Jian Fei’s (I can’t believe they give him a part in Love or Bread). Plus, Xiao Bo’s ability to show his character’s emotion is so…I don’t even have a word for it, but I think if Xiao Bo could speak then he would be such a great actor. Out of all the FLH boys I like Da Dong’s acting the best, it’s nature and he’s not afraid of taking on different roles. I watched MIT just to look at Ya Lun, cause the acting was beyond bad.

  3. Romantic Princess was a terrible combination of bad scripts and fake acting. It was then when I realized how important Ella’s natural acting was to Hana Kimi and how bad Wu Chun’s was…

    I’ve always enjoyed Chen Qiaoen’s dramas, but I wouldn’t say that she has the ability to break through to serious acting yet.

    As for Ariel…
    First of all, Huang Rong’s not mature. She doesn’t turn mature until about five minutes before she dies. She’s playful, brilliant, fun, sometimes righteous, but very, very immature. No one mature would scheme to break Ou Yangke’s leg, or play hide-and-seek with Guo Jing to spite him when he’s freaking out. Her immaturity is one of the reasons why she gave up her position in the Beggar Clan as soon as possible – she doesn’t like the responsibility. Her immaturity also serves as great contrast to that of Guo Jing’s maturity and responsibility. They complement each other.

    It’s also why I really disliked the scriptwriter for LoCH 2008. Huang Rong was too perfect, Yang Kang was too good, and Guo Jing was a loser. Without their immaturity and selfishness to contrast Guo Jing, there is no balance to the story, and the lead turned from hero to zero with a stroke of pen. It ruined LoCh.

    On the other hand, I was impressed with Ariel’s eyes in LoCH 2008. They were very expressive, and you could tell she felt the scenes. On the other hand, she needs to work on her facial expressions.

  4. I think Ariel is more of a serious actress, she played so many varies of roles. From a naive girl in True Love 18 to the playful 7th fairy to the mature Huang Rong. She has really demonstrated to the public that she’s just another idol singer turned actress.

    I’ve always liked Chen Qiao En’s dramas they’re always funny and feel good drama, but I didn’t really see any change from 100% Senorita to Prince Turned Frog. Chen Qiao En has been playing poor innocent girl. But her acting in Fated to Love You really did improve a lot from the past dramas, but I want to see her improve more before she gets the award.

    Rainie has played the same exact type of character in Devil Beside You and Why Why Love, in Miss No Good her voice got kinda annoying after a few episodes, and ToGetHer was just a bad script. But I really loved her acting in Legend of Speed, but the rest of the cast dragged the drama down.

    When I was watching My MVP Valentine and Romantic Princess, I didn’t feel like Angela was acting or they didn’t give her a part that would really demonstrate her acting skill. She always played the happy and optimistic girl.

    I like Genie’s acting in Romantic Princess better then Angela, and Genie was the only reason I got through watching Love Queen. You could see her talent in that drama even though she didn’t gain that much fame from it.

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