Chinese News Batch #2 Music Themed

1. Actress Li Xiaolu has begun promotions for her new EP, Oriental Beauty. I don’t really think she should be singing, but she is promoting woman power and Asian beauty, so I guess that’s a good thing. It certainly makes for pretty pictures. I just love that Qi Pao she’s wearing even if it does seem kind of slutty at the same time. Listen to her song at Youtube or better yet, watch the About Love movie she was in because she was so great in that. Please act more and sing less!

More on Shin’s new MV’s leading lady, Kimi Qiao Renliang’s photoshoot, Chinese Backstreet Boys, an A Lan and Wei Chen duet, and Rainie Yang’s first single below.

2. Taiwan’s rocker Shin and Chinese actress/director Xu Jinglei are collaborating for a mini-movie clocking in at 19 min long for the special edition his newest album release. This collab has attracted much attention, and it had better at an estimated 1 million RMB to make it. This will be Xu Jinglei’s first time starring in someone else’s MV and Shin’s first bedroom scene in anything (although not for Xu Jinglei). The MV will feautre a shortened version of the play “A Crying City”.

3. Punk-rock singer Qiao Renliang released a series of photos for the “I Love Rock” concert in Shanghai, ushering in the fall season.

4. The Chinese Backstreet Boys actually have some songs for download. But the big news is that Sohu is charging you to download these songs. One step in the right direction for anti-pirating.

5. A Lan, the Tibetan singer and Sichuan province native who beat out thousands in an Avex talent search in China, is pairing up with Superboys top 3 winner Wei Chen, whose youthfulness and voice have made him a hit in China. That is, until he made a funny pose with the national flag at half mast in the background, mourning those lost in the Sichuan earthquake. Oops. While A Lan was out collecting money for her disaster torn home, Wei Chen was absolutely oblivious to the days of mourning China had. But it seems that they are actually friends, from a competition in Shanghai before they were famous and so differences are probably easily forgiven. They sing a song “Jia You! You Have Me!” for Printing powerhouse EPSON. Apparently an MV is also supposed to come out as well. Download here.

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