Why the heck is there so much Chinese Entertainment news?

I gave up trying to translate all of the articles one by one and instead decided to stock compile. This way you get a lot of news but maybe not all the detail. Comment if you’d rather me take more time or one or two articles rather than doing something like this. I think I have enough news to do one or two more of these posts actually right now.

1. Idol singer Li Yifeng is still alive and kicking (I thought he wasn’t, the active part I mean, not the alive or dead part). As part of his promotion for his first release, his EP Ferris Wheel, he sang and met with fans in Chengdu, played games in Fu Zhou with them and now supposedly in Beijing according to Baidu.

More below on JJ Lin in Chengdu, Super Typhoon’s box office, Mei Lan Fang, and gymnasts superstars Yang Yun and Yang Wei pre-wedding pics.

2. China’s first disaster film Super Typhoon” is super at the box office – Despite lukewarm reviews, it amassed 10 million RMB in mainland China alone as its first three-day take. Feng Xiaoning said it was a gamble that paid off. The movie has no stars in it; all the money went towards the quality of the special effects, which I think most people thought were pretty good. I think this shows that China is quite receptive to big disaster movies (they loved the Day After Tomorrow) and I look forward to bigger, better tries in the future.

3. JJ Lin sold 5000 CD in 3 hrs minutes (or about 27/min) at his singing in Chengdu (Doesn’t he hold the record for fastest signing as well?). He sang KO (from Westside) because it was a very lively song, and got the crowd’s blood pumping. He was very touched by the fans there, and said he hoped he could give a concert there, and would repay his fans with music. The person in charge said it was the most popular signing in three years.

4. Mei Lan Fang released a preliminary poster depicting Leon Lai in costume’s profile. Most people, despite not having too much faith in Chen Kaige, seem to be hopeful for this release although some comments stated they wished Leslie Cheung was still alive to play the role (I personally think that’d be a little too similar to Farewell My Concubine )and one said they should have used Supergirl contestant Li Yuchun.


I am really jealous of how awesome they can pose for their wedding pictures.

5. A series of wedding photos of Chinese gymnasts Yang Yun and Yang Wei, All-Around Beijing Olympic gold winner, were released recently. The two will hold a romantic seaside wedding in the coastal city of Sanya, Hainan Province on November 6.

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