Liu Ye plans to marry in France and China

Yes, another Chinese actor is going to be taken off the market, although it’s not sure when. I usually don’t care about marriages until they actually happen, but I thought his story about how she found out he was an actor was cute, so I translated everything about that. He also talked about other stuff that I didn’t translate because I’m not a machine, like about his acting, working in Hollywood, and how he got his pecs for “The Underdog Knight”. The reporter asked if his muscles were computer-generated and he said no. Well that’s one mystery solved.

Interviewer: It is reported that in the beginning, your French girlfriend did not know that you are an actor. Did you mean to hide that fact? Who pursued who?

Liu Ye: Regarding who pursued who, well let’s keep that a secret for now. But it was a very ordinary courtship. First we ate together, then got to know each other, liked each other, ate together more, and so on. This time I remember quite clearly; it was before shooting “Dark Matter”, and “Blood Brothers”.

Interviewer: But since you’re from different countries, aren’t there cultural differences?

Liu Ye: Well certainly we have cultural differences, this is unavoidable. Also our jobs are different, but this alone won’t become an obstacle. Usually we strive and make an effort to accept each others viewpoints. Even if there’s conflict as long as we communicate with each other, we can come to an understanding.

One thing, I’ve already told many in the media. At first she did not know that I am an actor, did not know that I was famous. She asked me to accompany her to a function at the French Embassy, and at that time I knew that there would definitely be many reporters. So I told her I decided not to go. She felt doubtful, asked why, this was a good opportunity. Finally I went with her. But as soon as we arrived on the scene, together, all the reporters at the function recognized me and there was a frenzy. Surprised, she didn’t say anything for a while, and then asked me why everyone came to take pictures of us. Then I told her that I was an actor, a fairly famous one actually, but she wasn’t angry with me for hiding that fact.

Reporter: You already arrived at the big 3-0 Do you have any marriage plans? Are your parents pushing for it?

Liu Ye: When a man reaches 30, there really are big changes. For example, I use to like drinking, going out with friends, singing karaoke, and spending time playing video games. People at a certain age begin to mature, and I guess I reached that age.

Although my parents hold their traditions, they respected our wishes, and have not pushed for marriage. In reality, my age is also a big consideration. If I was not in this profession, I would definitely already be married. We’re of different nationalities, different cultures. I definitely think the marriage would be there will be two types of wedding ceremonies, one in France, one in my Northeastern hometown, according to the traditions of each culture.


Btw, in semi-related fashion (since Liu Ye is in this) I just saw Connected tonight and it was probably the best Chinese film I’ve seen recently, alongside The Equation of Love and Death, which I still have mixed feelings about. The pacing was phenomenal, and all the leads were great especially Louis Koo. It was a very cohesive piece, and even though I already saw the original, enjoyed it, I still liked this one a lot more.

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