Zha Xi Dun Zhu’s Second Album Almost Complete

This was a good day for me, mainland music-wise. First Peng Tan wins an award, and now I find out that Zha Xi Dun Zhu is going to release another album. I wasn’t sure what his sales were and I was sure he was going to fade into oblivion which was devastating at the time. Yes, devastating. He may be considered part of the idol group, but his voice is like rich butter milk.

With his good looks and great voice, Zha Xi Dun Zhu has become Yunnan province, and CCTV’s media darling. He revealed that second album already has 7 or 8 songs, 4 of which he wrote himself. He is also planning a musical. Zha Xi Dun Zhu, an ethnic Tibetan, released his first album in November 2007. A youtube vid from that under the cut.


Plus, he’s a momma’s boy and even sings with her sometimes. How can you not love that?

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