Li Bing Bing, coming soon in wax form

Madame Tussand’s in Shanghai is getting a second wax figure this month, after last month’s Nicole Kidman. Li Bing Bing will join the ranks, as China’s first mainland actress to be at Shanghai’s branch. After a year of careful construction in London, this figure finally had completed her last details and will be ready for unveiling, an event Li Bing Bing will also personally attend.

Madame Tussand’s is very selective about who becomes wax, as they must not only be loved and have contributions to society in their own domain, but as well receive respect and affection around the world. This year they chose Li Bingbing, Nicole Kidman, and Rain. When asked why Li Bing Bing, they said they did a detailed survey and those on the shortlist were the celebrities Chinese tourists most wanted to see. She will join the likes of Zhang Yimou, Feng Xiaogang (both Chinese directors), and sports superstars like Yaoming and Liu Xiang. These figures cost more than 1 million Yuan and will be unveiled on October 29th. Madame Tussand’s opened in Shanghai in 2006, only the second city, after Hong Kong, in Asia to have one.

I wouldn’t have thought Li Bingbing would be the first Chinese actress there, but I guess she’s likable.


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