Jackie Chan and Wang Leehom may team up for Period movie

I’m wondering if Jackie Chan is overextending himself. He’s got three young potential action stars from reality show “The Disciple” waiting for their big break, and least two other movies lined up, and now this, “Big Soldier, Small General.” (*I have no idea what this means). This is a movie twenty years in the making, from when Jackie first started work on the script. Now it is basically complete, and one of Jackie’s biggest wishes may come true. The story is described by Jackie as an “Ancient Costume Road Movie”. The story will take place in the Qin dynasty. There will be four main characters, three people and one horse. Everything that happens in the story will take place between these four characters. Jackie Chan always wanted to play the big soldier, but who knew twenty years would pass? So who could play the big soldier? Wang Leehom.

Jackie had first met him ten years ago (for a Hong Kong banquet…for the 1997 handover?) but they met several times this year while both doing promotional activities for the Beijing 2008 Olympics. It should also be interesting as Wang Leehom has never been in ancient costume. Ding Sheng of The Underdog Knight will be directing. Source

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