8th Chinese Music Media Awards: Indie Singers Win Big

Music awards can be given out rather liberally in the Greater Chinese-speaking region, and sometimes, it’s simply a popularity contest. But the Music Media Awards has always been classy, always recognized some of the best talent out there, and this time they gave the recognition not to idols, not to mainstream talent, but to some of the best indie. There’s nothing wrong with mainstream popular music, but it’s still pretty nice to see these artists get recognition at a major awards event. In honor of this, I’ll be adding some of the winner’s songs to the music box on the main page.

Peng Tan, winner of Best Mandarin Newcomer

This article is mainly from CRIEnglish, but I added the small part about Peng Tan, because it’s not going to be often that I get to gush over him on this site. I can’t believe they left him out of this article. Da Da band was fairly famous in China. Also, I haven’t found a full list of the winners, yet. When I do I’ll add that. Alternative musicians were the big winners of the Eighth Chinese Music Media Awards, symbolizing what organizers say is “the approaching of indie music’s spring.” Taiwan pop-rock group Sodagreen won four awards to emerge as the biggest winner, Sina.com.cn reported on Sunday. The indie band, which first came on the scene in 2004, bagged the awards for Best Group, Best Producer, Best Composer and Best Mandarin Album of the Year for “Incomparable Beauty.” Beijing-based experimental three-piece band Carsick Cars was named Best Rock Artist, an official recognition given to a band that has already gained a reputation in Europe through a series of self-financed tours. The awards also saw blind folk singer Zhou Yunpeng beat better-known nominee Lin Xi to win the Best Lyricist award. Zhou was also named Best Folk Musician. China’s Pen Tan, who is not quite new as the former leader singer of the now defunct band Da Da, won Best New Mandarin Artist, an award won last year also by an indie artist, Taiwan’s Deserts Chang. A special award honoring musicians’ marketing skills was given to indie singer Cao Fang, whose 2007 EP “Farther than the Sky” achieved surprising commercial success after being released online. “The awards collected by so many alternative musicians on the one hand shows a decline in the popularity of mainstream music; on the other it shows the approaching of indie music’s spring,” said You Wei, general secretary of the awards committee. But there were still mainstream artists on the winners’ list. They included Taiwan rock star Chang Chen-Yue (Best Mandarin Male Singer), Hong Kong pop stars Karen Mok (Best Mandarin Female Singer) and Eason Chan (Artist of the Year). The annual Chinese Music Media Awards are organized by mainland newspaper Southern Metropolitan Daily, Hong Kong’s Metro Showbiz Radio, as well as some other organizations. Prestigious critics from the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan take turns to vote for the best music and musicians of the year. The ceremony accompanying this year’s awards was cancelled to cut costs amid the current global financial crisis.

Edit on 12/13: The full list of winners can be found here.

Good Stuff. I highly suggest you all four of them if you can find them.

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  1. Peng Tan, sodagreen, A-Yue, and Carsick Cars? Why can’t GMA choose good artists like those? *Cries* I mean, last year, they gave Jay a ton of awards for the same song and it wasn’t like he hadn’t done better Zhongguo Feng than that in the past. This award thing seems to be one that actually awards artists that actually did a fantastic job! I feel like I should check out some of the winners in here I haven’t actually heard before. :)

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