Jackie Chan and Wang Leehom may team up for Period movie

I’m wondering if Jackie Chan is overextending himself. He’s got three young potential action stars from reality show “The Disciple” waiting for their big break, and least two other movies lined up, and now this, “Big Soldier, Small General.” (*I have no idea what this means). This is a movie twenty years in the making, from when Jackie first started work on the script. Now it is basically complete, and one of Jackie’s biggest wishes may come true. The story is described by Jackie as an “Ancient Costume Road Movie”. (more…)

Li Bing Bing, coming soon in wax form

Madame Tussand’s in Shanghai is getting a second wax figure this month, after last month’s Nicole Kidman. Li Bing Bing will join the ranks, as China’s first mainland actress to be at Shanghai’s branch. After a year of careful construction in London, this figure finally had completed her last details and will be ready for unveiling, an event Li Bing Bing will also personally attend.


Zha Xi Dun Zhu’s Second Album Almost Complete

This was a good day for me, mainland music-wise. First Peng Tan wins an award, and now I find out that Zha Xi Dun Zhu is going to release another album. I wasn’t sure what his sales were and I was sure he was going to fade into oblivion which was devastating at the time. Yes, devastating. He may be considered part of the idol group, but his voice is like rich butter milk.

With his good looks and great voice, Zha Xi Dun Zhu has become Yunnan province, and CCTV’s media darling. He revealed that second album already has 7 or 8 songs, 4 of which he wrote himself. He is also planning a musical. Zha Xi Dun Zhu, an ethnic Tibetan, released his first album in November 2007. A youtube vid from that under the cut.



8th Chinese Music Media Awards: Indie Singers Win Big

Music awards can be given out rather liberally in the Greater Chinese-speaking region, and sometimes, it’s simply a popularity contest. But the Music Media Awards has always been classy, always recognized some of the best talent out there, and this time they gave the recognition not to idols, not to mainstream talent, but to some of the best indie. There’s nothing wrong with mainstream popular music, but it’s still pretty nice to see these artists get recognition at a major awards event. In honor of this, I’ll be adding some of the winner’s songs to the music box on the main page.

Peng Tan, winner of Best Mandarin Newcomer