‘The Father of Chinese Rock’ blasts HK and Taiwan pop

Cui Jian, or ‘Old Cui’ one of the first people to write rock songs in China and still one of the most revered people in the Chinese Rock scene (yeah, it’s actually getting pretty big if not already) recently blasted Chinese pop. Maybe he saw the rise of boybands in China and was afraid.


In China, there’s not a lack of good artists, nor a lack of good songs. What it lacks is a talented manufacturing company. In Hong Kong and Taiwan, there is collective deception. What is well-known is the “Cow Dung into Gold” business way. As long as you look good, even if you can’t do anything, I can still make you popular. That is their culture.

Yesterday at the Shanghai Festival “Chinese Rock’s Influence”, Cui Jian did not change his style on stage. While speaking about the current music situation he left many stunned at his words. He said, “Rock does not need artificial packaging, but rather popularization. We can’t abandon rock’s influence for money.

A note about this particular translation…I think I’ve reproduced it quite faithfully but I don’t quite understand the first part (the part above the cut, below the picture). It is not in quotes and nothing precedes it that would indicate if it was actually spoken by Cui Jian or not, or if it’s some random editor at Sina going on a rant. But the title of the story was “Cui Jian blasts HK and Taiwan pop as ‘Cow Dung Turned into Gold'”, which would indicate that he did say all that. I would like to know for sure. If anyone would like to find out for me please do, because I thought this was pretty interesting that someone would blatantly speak up about commercialization, and manufactured pop idols. I think he makes good points, but if that paragraph is his, he’s also being quite unfair at the same time. And kind of hypocritical. I selected that picture for a reason.

Also check out this rather commercialized use of his music. I think this could be considered selling out.

Compare to this, live concert version.


Edit: Yup, he did say those things. I saw a second article from Sohu on it. Keep rocking Cui Jian.

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