Guess who was at TopCombine’s Press Conference in Beijing?

Liu Zhoucheng aka "Kenny" dying to give Lin Xinru a makeover

Yup, Lin Xinru, aka the actress for Ugly Wudi.

Hunan TV seems to really like to use its past stars to help promote out its current budding stars. They used “Kuai Le Nan Sheng” Yu Haoming to guest star on Ugly Wudi’s first season. Now that Ugly Wudi broke the 9% ratings mark, one of the highest ratings in Hunan history they’re using her to promote a group of “Kuai Le Nan Sheng’s” yet to be famous, Top Combine.

I don’t get why. Do they actually get any money? Or do they want to rub it in CCTV’s face the clout that Hunan TV has?

Li Xinru looks more happy than the members doesn’t she? Probably because her show had one of the highest ratings Hunan TV has seen in ages, over 9% of the time slot and will be picked up for a second season. Meanwhile another successful Hunan TV alumni was their as well to support the boys, He Jie, of Supergirls fame.

Who wants to buy their album?

Ma Xueyang hopes you do despite not holding it properly for you to see.

Jin Ensheng, the Korean member, hopes you do, even though he can't tell that to you in Chinese quite yet

Jin Ensheng, the Korean member, hopes you do, even though he can not yet tell you that in Chinese

Li Zhoucheng, hopes that his prettiness will scare you into buying it if he looks at you long enough

Li Zhoucheng, hopes that his prettiness will scare you into buying it if he looks at you long enough

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10 thoughts on “Guess who was at TopCombine’s Press Conference in Beijing?

  1. YAY! I luv zhishanglihe (Top Combine) and wrong, Ma XueYang plays… six instruments, including violin. guitar, drums, and chinese drums. But i luved the captions too, and if u watch when they were on Happy Family and Super 8 0’Clock, They all show a talent…. I think that the fact that ma xueyang composed Cotton Candy is beautiful, proves hes like a musical angel come to shine the light on boybands everywhere… and he only used his guitar to compose the whole thing! wow. and they r all sooo keai!

  2. I guess it’s the very fact that he plays instruments and writes without being told to, that impresses me. I rarely see boybands compose for their first album, and when they do, it seems like some sort of tool to get people to say they are more than just a boyband, but Ma Xueyang did because it’s something natural to him. You can see he has a natural tendency for music.

    I’d like China to do a little more packaging of their stars, so that they can get on their feet and at least have a chance, but with Sm, like you said, can control so much of their boys that it sometimes I don’t know what part of the artist is themselves and which is something he instilled in them. But they seem happy.

  3. That’s very true. If there’s anything korean entertainment companies are good at, it’s selling and promoting images. but I like how you put it better XD

    Seventeen has good voices, and now that I know that they’ve been doing charity work I really hope they do well :/

    As for the instruments, I don’t think it’s that rare for boyband members to be able to play instruments? I’m pretty sure SJM members can at least play one instrument each, I heard that as trainees they were required to take lessons. and Henry Lau of SJM is like a genius on the violin, haha. But I suppose this is also why solo singers get more respect (atleast in my book), because people like JJ Lin and Wang Leehom can play just about every instrument in the world and compose their own songs 8D

    I had no idea Ma Xueyang composed cotten candy! I knew that he could play a bunch of instruments, but I’m very impressed. I’ve heard of boyband members writing lyrics, but I think it’s alot harder to compose a piece of music from scratch. Cotten Candy was such a happy, cute song too. That’s pretty impressive.

    I wonder what happened to Hit-5 too :/ they seem to have some good singers and dancers.

  4. Well, Top Combine is being sold in Yesasia, so that’s really impressive by itself actually. It’s rare when that happens. I think they were right to get a Korean company for promotional activities, because some Korean companies can pimp the crap out of their boys, and really, it’s a shame when Chinese talent gets lost because of promotional problems. And I’m starting to like Top Combine better after knowing Ma Xueyang composed and wrote Cotton Candy. And he can play like two instruments. That’s a combo rarely seen in boybands. I think he’s really one of those people who has music in his soul, and I hope that he can make something of himself.

    As for Seventeen, these lovely boys had been sort of known since summer, and had done quite a bit of charity work, especially for Sichuan so it’s a real shame if they can’t make it. They had some sort of fan meet recently, but it didn’t seem very big.

    But I guess that’s better than Hit-5 whom I haven’t seen anything from recently. Their MV seemed nicely made. I wonder what happened.

  5. that’s good to know!

    oh wow, I feel so bad for seventeen now too :/ especially since I loved the song you had in your other post of them. it was gorgeous.

    I’ve seen Top Combine go on one variety show, and one interview so hopefully they’ll do well :D I feel kind of bad, but I want them to succeed as a boyband if only for the fact that china is way behind the rest of Asia in that aspect. and if they can manage to produce ones with actual talent, I hope to see them rise in popularity.

    Hit-5 had a debut event of some sort. I dont know how well they’re doing though, I really wish there was a music chart or something so we could see how everyone is ranking.

    Oh don’t worry, I personally thought the captions were hilarious XD

    I have to thank you for keeping up with this blog- I don’t have much time or know-how to surf the internet for chinese entertainment and I’m really grateful to be able to read updates here.

  6. It’s really hard to say, as sales numbers in China are hard to come by but they were recently on some variety shows, which is a lot better than the other boybands. I watched this vid on Seventeen showing everyone how their single could also be a semi-picture frame and I felt sooo bad for them.

    Um, also I think on one of the shows they were compared favorably to SJ-M. And Li Mao got hurt, but it’s not as bad as it sounds, because it was to his head. Since he’s their main dancer it could have been disastrous if it was his legs. Bottom line is, if Top Combine can’t make it, then none of the others can.

    Thanks for the remark on the captions! I didn’t know if people liked or hated my captions. Wouldn’t have stopped me either way though from adding them to everything.

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