Actors Pay Tribute at Xie Jin’s Funeral

I’m quite familiar with Chinese directors, even took a class on it (never do that at an American university…biggest disappointment ever), but I’m not at all familiar with Xie Jin, who recently died at the age of 85. Monkeypeaches however has a great post on him. It’s always sad to see great talent go in China, so RIP. People in attendance included Fan Bing Bing, Zhao Wei, Pu Cunxin, and Jia Zhangke, all of whom worked with him or have been mentored by him in some way.

There are more pictures of people there, but I don’t particularly feel like posting them because it seems vulgar to see these people with cameras in their faces at a funeral. The main site at Sina for Xie Jin is here though, if you want a glimpse of how people have different worked with him and what he’s contributed to Chinese cinema.

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