Who would S.H.E most like to interview?

While promoting their album in China, S.H.E was interviewed by Sina (like anyone could possibly refuse to pose with the eye eyes of doom) and since they’ve been playing host in FM S.H.E and have conducted interviews, they were asked who they would most like to interview.

Interviewer: Is there someone you would like to interview that you haven’t interviewed?

HEBE: Faye Wong but she can’t because she is resting {note: rumors are that she miscarried}

Interviewer: Did you hear about the possibility of her returning to music?

Hebe: We don’t really know

Interviewer: Then besides Faye Wong, who else?

Hebe: The Olympic Champions, if given the opportunity we would to want to visit them.

Interviewer: We saw many champions in Beijing, who would you like to see most?

SELINA: Liu Xiang, Guo Jingjing; this is year she got gold and she will soon be getting married. We know this from the news.

If SHE wasn’t in the music making business they could really be tv hosts. They’ve hit upon two very hot topics, the rumors of Faye Wong possibly returning to showbiz and Guo Jingjing marrying Kenneth Fok.

I always liked S.H.E, becoming a full blown fan with the song “Goodbye to Cambridge” whose lyrics refer to Xu Zhimo (a famous Chinese poet) ‘s poem of the same name. Such a refreshing change from the usual pop fodder. Oh, that song Ella wrote about her dead dog got me teary. But anyone who choose Faye Wong gets the ultimate top marks in my book. But practically it makes sense. Faye Wong did something these girls must be thinking of, putting her career on indefinite hold for a family.

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