Lollipop’s new MV shoot disrupted by a fan’s boy friend

For the shooting of boyband Lollipop’s Wang Zi (Prince)’s new MV “I’m Sorry” , he invited fans to come join him, and would select a few to be in his MV. But unexpectedly, a male friend of one of the fans began causing a disturbance saying they misled and did not provide food, drinks. When Wang Zi heard the news, he was surprised and said, “Wasn’t our shooting time happy?”.

EMI paid special attention to the shooting of this MV because Wang Zi wrote the lyrics for this song, and specifically chose this activity for the MV, since it would bring Wang Zi and his fans closer.


While I think writing lyrics is the easiest way to contribute to a song, I think EMI is on the right track. Reward boyband members for artistic creativity by letting them star in the MVs, and maybe they’ll do it more often.

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