Yuan Quan’s New “Short Stay” EP released Today

Yuan Quan, one of the Chinese actresses whom I actually like as a singer is releasing a new EP. This is the second in the actress’s short stay series, the first of which was “Taipei”, which received a lot of praise. This one is called “Okinawa”.

Because environmental protection is something that Yuan Quan is very focused on, her new EP reduces the use of plastic, and used recycled paper packing, reminding everyone to be environmentally-friendly while supporting the music. I’ll add the MV for her first single “木槿花” or Hibiscus Flower, to this post whenever I find it. Meanwhile check out a MV from her Taipei EP. THe monkey doll is in the second MV too!

Yuan Quan – Bao Bao Sleep MV (from Taipei)

Yuan Quan – Hibiscus Flower MV (from Okinawa)

Recently after seeing Hu Jing’s wedding (yeah, someone else in the Chinese entertainment industry got married) she said she never wanted a big wedding, but then started to change her mind. If her and her bf (actor Xia Yu) get married, they can save some time and airfare and record another one of these EPs wherever the honeymoon is.

Yuan Quan will next be seen on screen in “As if a Dream” with Daniel Wu.

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