Four Movies Released this Weekend

In a rarity for Chinese cinema, and Asian cinema in general, four movies are released at once, Super Typhoon, Waiting in Beijing, Wu Shu, and Home Run. Super Typhoon as you can see, is being billed as the first disaster movie in China, which is probably true.

However, none of them are getting great feedback from screening audiences. Super Typhoon is said to have good technique in the disaster scenes, but lacks in story and the big finale seemed disappointing. Waiting in Beijing is entirely in English, and consists of this white guy meandering around Beijing’s nicest places. And Home Run’s plot lacks, which could be said of a lot of Fan Bingbing movies barring Lost in Beijing. Wu Shu is the only one unscathed by its previews, possibly because no one’s seen it yet. I’m still holding onto hope.

2 thoughts on “Four Movies Released this Weekend

  1. Wu Shu has “sleeper hit” written on the poster. I hope it comes around my corner of the globe. soon.

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