Guo Jingming’s new book too much like Devil Wears Prada?

Guo Jingming, who was China’s best selling author last year according to the New York Times very popular with young readers, founder of Ke Ai which produces of literary magazines and also one of the most hated male celebs in China, is being accused of plagiarism over his new book, Tiny Times 1.0, about a worker and her demanding boss. Guo Jingming was born in 1983 and last year became the youngest member to join the Chinese Writer’s Association. The article didn’t say more, but it seems unlikely that anything will come out of this since it doesn’t seem to be any suing or legal action occuring, just talk.

7 thoughts on “Guo Jingming’s new book too much like Devil Wears Prada?

  1. Hello guys,
    do you know if there are some Guo Jingming’s books translated in english?
    Thank you a lot!

  2. Right now, anything that he writes, people look for any hint of similarity between his works and those of others.
    There was this list of all the parts that he “stole” from other authors…
    and one of them was that both his book and another book involved a journey with five travelers…
    somehow, I get the feeling that whoever wrote that are also the ones that thinks Top Combine/hit-5 copied DBSK because they all have five members….

  3. I was really surprised first at his appearance, and then at his ability to be simultaneously a best seller and most hated celebrity at once. He’s intriguing :D

  4. I read the book, and it’s really good, both plot and language-wise. I don’t think it resembles Devil Wears Prada (but I guess I only watched the movie, so I can’t say much). Why can’t people just value his work and stop all these negative talks? I mean there’s a reason why so many people like his work despite of all the negative press. I’ve read his other works, and none of them disappointed me. He’s a great author. I would totally buy the entire collection if I were in China.

  5. Two reasons. Once he actually got fined once for plagiarism, and refused to admit it even after the fact which you can read about in the NYT. Second is that people think that someone that young shouldn’t be selling more than old established authors, and that he represents a superficiality about China’s Youth. I’ve never read one of his books so I don’t know how good they are but I know he has published a lot.

  6. Interesting posting. I wonder why he is hated so much. You would think people would be impressed by a young bestselling Chinese author.

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