BOBO filming a CF in South Korea

The financial crisis has struck many parts of the globe but BOBO has not been affected too greatly it seems, and were sent to South Korea to film an advertisement for a well know cell phone brand. This shoot cost over 3 million already, not including living expenses for the cast and crew involved. (Article does not say whether in won or RMB)

The director of the ad is the head of South Korean company, Et Cha and has worked with big names like Jang Donggun, Kwong Sangwoo, and Jeon Jihyun. In his mind, profound Chinese actors are like Tony Leung, and therefore kept shouting “Tony Leung” at BOBO. People gathered around after hearing this, saw that there was no Tony, but after seeing the BOBO pair got out their phone cameras anyway. Jing Boran joked that after hearing Tony Leung’s name so many time that he really thought he had gotten Tony’s “electric eyes”.

This ad gave them the opportunity to work on their acting skill. Besides them, there was also another female main character, a new Korean star that Jing Boran had to sit beside on the piano (not pictured, obviously unless Fu Xinbo is a pretty Korean star) making him nervous.


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  1. No clue because they aren’t well known outside of mainland China at all. But they have a very innate cuteness and maybe that’s why? Or that their very influential company Hua Yi Brothers is trying to pimp them out in clever ways (since South Korea has restrictions on foreigners showing up on different shows). Or maybe it’s just being filmed there. I have no idea but it’ll probably become clearer once the commercial comes out.

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