Chinese Hiphop and Dancing

And I’m not talking hip-pop. This isn’t even news, but I just wanted to point this out based on a recent comment made. For those of you bemoaning the lack of hip-hop in China, well, just be patient. China was not really interested in it until recently, but that doesn’t mean that China doesn’t have it; it just hasn’t gotten around to making it mainstream. It may not be in our blood like the Phillipines (objectively, I think singing and dancing wise the Filipinos would pwn all the rest of Asia if only their economy was better) or it might not be incorporated into almost most of our mainstream music a la Korea, but it’s still there in China and it is definitely growing to the point where it will be mainstream one day.

This is old poster for the On The Stage competition that took place in Dino Beach in Shanghai in July, a month before the Olympics, and organized by Stanley Wong, founder of Shanghai’s Dragon Dance Studio.

Individual Battle, (click here for Individual Battle video)
Team Battle, (click here for Team Battle video)
and Team Routine Competition. (click here for Team Routine video)

Slightly more mainstream hip-hop.

Taiwan male group Eastyle

China female group Baby Monkiz

There are more probably that I can’t think of right now. I’ve always loved Chinese cinema and tv, I only started really getting into the Chinese music scene about a year ago.

Thanks to Hip Hop in China blog for pointing out the above links in tudou. Another good place for everyone to check out great artists that are less known would be but that’s in Chinese.

4 thoughts on “Chinese Hiphop and Dancing

  1. Not really, which worries me. Eastyle debuted in 2006 and Baby Monkiz in 2007. I hope they are going to make a second or third album but I have no idea if that’s going to happen.

    Chinese music’s loss if they don’t. Eastyle’s album was really good though, and Baby Monkiz’s was too although they only had an EP. I don’t think they’re with very famous companies, and thus had very little promotion.

  2. thnaks so much foruploading these videos. i didnt even know these bands existed. i guess they all just debutted recently

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