A new Chinese boyband for the count: Hit-5

There’s a tons of news each day, and I’m pretty backlogged, so I though I should point this out as a quick-mini-update, in lieu of an actual update. Another Chinese boyband in addition to the rest of the ones popping out. Will the madness ever stop?

Hit-5 “Hit” MV

That’s three that I know now, who are debuting/waiting to debut.

Edit on 10/25. I added profiles. For some reason, despite my love for the superboys, and TopCombine’s association with them, I want Hit-5 to succeed more. It doesn’t seem as Korean influenced.

Beijing’s Idol Factory Entertainment, used two years to creat HIT-5, which already officially made a debut on October 20. Duan Huangwei, Gao Yu, Yang Fan, Dong Yufeng, and Guo Zi will create new music in mainland’s music scene.

Duan Huangwei/Gold

A very open and warm singer. He is partial to R&B and likes British R& B singer Craig David.

Gao Yu/Fire
Gao Yu is the lead dancer on the team. His physique allows for quick movements. He’s very energetic and often likes jumping for joy. Gao Yu deeply loves dance, and likes listening to dance music. On stage you can certainly feel his passion when Gao Yu uses all his energy.

Ze Meidao (Real name Yang Fan)/Water

Born Jan 26, 1990

I don’t know much about this one, but he looks like Eddie Peng, which is a very good thing. He’s apparently the pretty boy of the group…I guess even more so than the others.

Dong Yufeng/Wood

Dong Yufeng is in team’s baby, the most lovable. Dong Yufeng is the indispensable one on the team who balances everyone and is simple in his happiness, giving everyone a warm feeling.

Guo Ziyu/Earth

The Leader of the group. Guo Ziyu is the rapper and oldest of the group. He’s also the calmest. The members believe Guo Ziyu will lead the HIT-5 to achieve great things.



Oh and this is a Zhong Guo Feng (Chinese Style) Man Hua comic version of them according to their baidu. Doesn’t look like them at all, but I thought it was such a beautiful drawing and Chinese hanfu are Gorgeous.


First performance.

Gao Yu Dancing and Guo Ziyu beatboxing.

Duan Huangwei solo singing

New Song So Sweet

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  1. theyre very korean-influenced because their choreographer and songwriter used to work with dbsk and suju.

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