Not enough actresses to go around in the PRC?

Zhang Junning spending whatever precious few screentime he has in Fit Lover with Karena Lam

Zhang Junning spending whatever precious few minutes he has in Fit Lover with Karena Lam

Those criticizing the one-child rule can look no further than upcoming films in China for support. “Fit Lover” is going to star 12 guys chasing after one girl (a spin-off of the 2007 Lunar-New-Year comedy where 10 women chased after one guy), and the upcoming Superboys musical will have all 13 region winners. It doesn’t matter how bad these films turn out; I will probably watch them more than once. It’s going to be cracktastic.

The cast list of Fit Lover with more pics under the cut, and pics from the press conference of the Superboys musical.

Zhang Junning, of Five Star Hotel and the upcoming Stage of Youth

Deng Chao, of The Assembly and The Equation of Love and Death

Nie Yuan, of Three Kingdoms

Tong Dawei, of Lost in Beijing

Alec Su, of Huang Zhu Ge Ge (Lol, I forget what the most recent thing he did was)

Fang Wei, of Set Off

Huang Xiaoming, of Shanghai Tan

Lin Shen of ?

Leo Ku, Huang Lei, Lu Yi, and are also supposed to be in the film, but I haven’t found pics of them acting in it yet, and until I do, it’s not confirmed.

And the Superboys’s musical temporary poster was revealed at the press conference. Ji Jie, the old-looking guy from Superboys has freshly newly dyed hair and is going to be playing the villain.

A big huge thank you to whoever decided to give the ok to these movie. A big, big thank you. You’re getting home-baked cookies.

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  1. We should send fruit tarts, as well. I’ve been wondering how the government of China will address the One Child Law and the ratio of Men to Women. Unless the count, Chinese immigrants it looks grim in my eyes.

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