Han Geng and Zhang Junning Start Filming Dancing Drama

Today there was a lots of news all semi-related to each other and all involving hot guys so I’ll take this one at a time.

First of all, CCTV is starting the production on a new autumn drama (basically fun, non serious drama like the lunar new year movies, but for tv), called Stage of Youth, which may as well be an idol drama, with its cast. It is about competitive dancing, with Han Geng, the only Chinese member of the Korean boyband Super Junior in the lead as a dancer. Zhang Junning is playing his rival. Both have dancing experience, with Han Geng having graduated from a dance academy and Zhang Junning having learned dance for the series that brought him to fame, “Five Star Hotel”, and was a contestant on “Strictly Come Dancing”. He didn’t win that but I’ve seen him dance on variety shows and I think he’ll definitely be able to pull off this role. And the fact that he’s one of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen doesn’t hurt either. The drama will be twelve episodes.

I think this series is significant because it deals with dance, and I’m starting to see some trends in China where dancing, especially hip hop etc, is getting more respect and more popularity. Before nobody really cared. But with things like “Five Star Hotel”, which also showed a competitive dance group, “Kung Fu Hip Hop”, the rap group X.A.E.R (listen the box.net songs I have on the main page) and this series, you can begin to see the potential, and to be honest I hope it continues because I think a little hip hop and street dance is an area China’s not really tapped into and with a country this big, there’s no reason not to.

And oh yeah, Kenny Kwan is in this. He’s cute but with an extremely unimpressive career in Hong Kong I’m not too excited about that. I’m not even sure if he can speak mandarin.

2 thoughts on “Han Geng and Zhang Junning Start Filming Dancing Drama

  1. Hangeng will finally be in a lead role. Fangirl all over the world are screaming. China has a untapped market, they should mix and match. No wonder every Asian country is pouring their groups into the country. A untapped market begging for fresh ideas.

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