Red Chamber Cast Goofing Off in Secret

So I decided that this complete hiatus thing isn’t going to work because China has such interesting entertainment news all the time. I’m just going to update slower (once per day?) and see how this goes.

Anyway I found these pics of the young cast. This was from the place I had mentioned before, with the old red guards. The public photos of them had them smiling like they didn’t really know what they were doing but in the woods away from the cameras (except a surreptitious one I guess), all seriousness was gone and they were just being goofy kids which is the most endearing thing I’ve seen them do.

Just a little sidenote that gets all mired in the future of Chinese cinema: I don’t have high hopes for this remake, but I think it’s a good thing that they got mostly unexperienced actors to play these parts, and in the case of Yang Yang, an actor who was plucked fresh out of school simply because his looks and personality fit the role. Most actors in China come from drama universities, and they simply can’t realistically play young characters after they’ve graduated and gained acting experience. I hope China won’t have a whole bunch of idol stars but sometimes unknowns are best.

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