Surprising Cameo

Ok, I said I was on hiatus, but if something interesting pops up I am going to post. Thanks to the wonders of Chinese movie piracy, I was finished watching last night the “mystery thriller” <<The Equation of Love and Death>> which only came out in Chinese theaters three weeks ago, and complete with English subs. I hypocritically despise piracy so much. Anyway, this film boasts an impressively solid cast of Zhou Xun, who’s always good in whatever, and the two male leads of the Assembly, which I thought was the best Chinese film of last year. It’s also got a nice score penned by Dou Wei, the cheating ex of Faye Wong. So with that in mind, who was I most pleasantly surprised to see?

BOBO aka, the two in the header, in a lineless cameo. Each time I see them I just have to gush over their cuteness. OMG, so cute, especially their bewildered look. They looked so out of place in a mystery thriller about death and drugs. At first I thought a fan had photoshopped them in the movie or something, but I realized they were under Huayi Entertainment, the same company that brought us this movie and it made sense. The movie was pretty good too. It doesn’t give you the warm fuzzy feelings BOBO does but it was a very solid flick. The only thing lacking was maybe some more characterization of the two main characters, and would have maybe made this one of the classics, but by itself, it is a very well made film that will entertain you throughout its two hours.

Click here to watch the cameo.

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