Yuan Quan Reveals Daniel Wu’s Chinese Skills

Actress/Singer Yuan Quan revealed that Daniel Wu, the Chinese American actor turned Hong Kong celebrity, does not have very good Chinese and would frequently write down the pinyin for his lines in order not to mess them up.

In the movie, “As if a Dream” Wu Yanzu comes to Shanghai from New York, to find the girl of his dreams (literal?), Yuan Quan. It seems a like simple story, but also has an element suspense with comedy added in. A big highlight of the movie is the partnership of Daniel and Yuan Quan for modern dances. Director Luo Zhuoyao said the dance segments display the two actor’s unique talents since Daniel has practiced martial arts, using in his movement his acrobatic fighting skill, and Yuan Quan has practiced Peking opera.

Yuan Quan gave her partner a high appraisal. My strongest impression was that Daniel can’t understand Chinese words completely; his script was covered with Pinyin. As soon as he had free time, he would use the Pinyin to write down from memory his lines, fearing that he would make a mistake reading it”


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