Jay Chou Sets Another Preorder Record

All this money and I can't even get a decent gardner!

Not even the 2-week early leak for his new album or the wtf moment after hearing Jay’s On the Run song and seeing the cowboy themed MV that accompanied it from last year could dim the enthusiasm for this guy.

His new album, Capricorn, beat his own preorder record set by that album last year. I’d like to think it’s partly due to a growing middle class in China, and not a burning desire to see more country songs from Jay although I remember liking that song, so I’m not one to talk really.


The pictures are from his new MV shoot for “Where’s the Promised Happiness?”, his second single.

1 thought on “Jay Chou Sets Another Preorder Record

  1. I love this guy and chinese country didn’t sound that bad even though my initial reaction was “what the fruit…”

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