Zhang Ziyi’s New Flick

Zhang Ziyi who’s latest film, Mei Lang Fan is just wrapping up is apparently going to be a new film called “Sophie’s Revenge”, this time taking producing as well as acting. The film is going to be helmed by and “up and coming” Chinese director.

CJ, a Korean company is the only other producer on board so far but this is a Chinese-language film. I wonder how that’s going to work out. They’ll probably bring on board some Koreans, and make it a PanAsian thing. Why so many China-Korea collabs these days? It’s because both their movie industries suck, or in a nicer way to say that, they aren’t fully developed. South Korea has a domestic box office intake percentage that keeps dropping and is in big trouble unless something happens. China’s box office is actually doing pretty well, but it is horribly erratic with a film bureau that is on crack and no end in sight to pirating. So the only thing they can do is try to use both markets to get enough money and make sometimes horribly awkward movies with people who can’t communicate with each other. This blog sums up the situations a lot.


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