Vast – “I’m Vast” Interview

This particular singer’s newest release passed me by when it came out recently, I but this interview at CRI quickly caught my attention.

“The Mando-pop industry has seen many young artists breathe new life into the scene with creativity and originality. One of them is Cang Mang, who is also known by his English name, Vast. By age 19, this young man had released three albums, with all tracks written and produced by him. Cang Mang’s latest self-titled album, I’m Vast, features ten tracks which range from love ballads to light-rock and R&B.”

This guy’s album was released late August, so why wait a month to conduct this interview about it? Maybe those at CRI released after a month of hardly any promotion, the kid needs all the help he can get even if he is some sort of prodigy. While the cpop industry already has a number of singer-songwriters more talent is always welcome, and hopefully he can have a successful future ahead of him.

“I’m Vast is my third album since I made my debut six years ago. With this album, I want to show listeners my attempt at different music styles. So the collection highlights on variety and you will experience a different feeling with each song. ”
The album opens with苏醒, which literally means Come To Myself. This is layered track, with Cang Mang’s dreamy vocals and an off-beat melody leaping into a grand monotonic chorus. The jarring chords and blast of percussions deliver more power to the song.
“I wanted to use a forceful track to start my album. Come To Myself is such a song featuring a strong rhythm and a catchy rock beat. As listeners are grasped by the sound, they will continue to be surprised by the following tracks of varied styles.”


Following the blaring sound of rock the second track retreats to a quieter verse evoking a reminiscent mood. Titled 第一次离别, For the First Time We Say Goodbye, this ballad epitomizes how emotional a crooner Cang Mang can be.

“What distinguishes the third album from the previous two is that my understanding about love grew along with my age. I now have mature ideas for lyrics and the song’s mood.”
“For the First Time We Say Goodbye is a sentimental number with a certain maturity. It describes a difficult time for a couple in love to part. With the lyrics, I give a detailed portrait of their eye contact and the way they caress; and in this way, I hope the expression of love can be subtle and closer to real life.”


That was For the First Time We Say Goodbye taken from Cang Mang’s new self-titled album. The heartstring-stirring guitar solo in the bridge is also performed by Cang Mang.
The fourth track, 假日约会, Holiday For A Date, alters the blue tone. Featuring buoyant rhythms and the Bossa Nova beat, it takes you to a lilting stride along the romantic beach in bright sunshine with a gentle breeze on your face.
“Holiday For A Date is different from my previous love ballads. Instead of lament of heart-wrenching departure, this track is filled with genial sentiment and sugary romantic appeal. It was originally impromptu when I practiced guitar. It flew out of me so naturally that I hummed the melody to the song, Holiday For A Date.”


The 5th track, Need, is a beautiful guitar-driven ballad. Against the acoustic arrangement, Cang Mang’s vocals stand out with intensity of emotion. The voice texture of this young singer may not be suited for some heavy repertoire, yet, his music talents and singing skills make listeners overlook the minor faults.
“Since I don’t posses a soaring vocal prowess and a husky voice, I seldom tried rock numbers. Majority of my previous releases were love ballads. With this album, I tried to make a breakthrough with a couple of pop-rock tracks, like Need and Come To Myself.”


Having entered the music scene at age 13, Cang Mang has acquired a deep understanding of life and gone through ups and downs that young people his age don’t normally do. With six years in the music industry and three self-produced albums, Cang Mang still believes he is a newcomer in the Mando-pop scene.

“I still consider myself as a freshman in music circles. I will continue with my music style with focus on mid-tempo ballads. I believe there are new avenues I can explore in music and there is change I will make in the future. But for the moment, I just want to sing the songs I love to sing. ”

The final track, 最后的旋律,The Last Song, is a reflection of Cang Mang’s belief in music. He says he loves music so much; music is the embodiment of his passion for life. To wrap up today’s show, we will play this track The Last Song and we hope to continue to hear good music from this talented young man. This is Zhong Qiu. Bye for now.

The first track, Su Xing, but the sound’s a little wonky.


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