Everyone Loves Olympians

We all know that the best way to ingratiate yourself with Chinese fans and non-fans alike is to be seen chummy with some of China’s finest!

Cantopop singer Leo Ku posted pics of himself on his blog with Chinese gold medalists at the same charity benefit Guo Jingjing auctioned off her suimsuit at. His expression doesn’t change much in these pics, so it’s like seeing different Chinese athletes photoshopped with the same image of him over and over. I wonder if he knows how to photoshop?

With Chinese Badminton Stars Xie Xingfang and Lin Dan (aka SuperDan)

With Chinese Badminton Couple Xie Xingfang and Lin Dan (aka SuperDan), silver and gold medalist at the games respectively

With Cheng Fei the leader of the women's gymnastics team

With Cheng Fei the leader of the women gymnastics team

Or to seem ever more popular one could just “borrow” medals from them. Zou Kai, high bar and floor champion, probably could afford to spare one or two actually considering he has three.

And no Olympic moment would be complete without Liu Xuan there somehow to MC it.

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  1. I guess mingling with other celebrities is done the same way throughout the world. Just like in the working world.

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