Jay Chou vs. Hou Xian

Battle of the mumbling, Zhong Guo Feng composers!

While most people know that Jay Chou’s Fragrant Rice song was leaked along with his entire album not many know that Hou Xian, the singer who made a splash with his first album Antique Play!, had his main song for his second upcoming album “leaked” around the same time.

Back in 2005 when he made his debut, Mainland singer, Hou Xian caught the attention of anyone who actually found out about his album, 1) Because his style was similar to Jay 2) His songs were GOOD. After a four year wait since his last album he’s finally releasing something new, around the same time as Jay. As always the song has a very strong use of Chinese instrumentals, which Jay sometimes uses but is a must for Hou Xian who’s integration of RnB with the classic Chinese sounds is flawless.

Jay Chou – Dao Xiang (Fragrant Rice)

Hou Xian – Tang Song Yuan Ming Qing

Compare the two and tell me what you think! Personally I think neither are the best singers, but I was a lot more excited for Hou Xian because it’s been I believe two full full years since his last release, an album with three measly songs. I think Jay Chou would be happy to hear that Hou Xian is back since Jay is all about spreading Chinese music to the world, and Hou Xian’s albums are always chock full of that unique Chinese flavor. Besides, Hou Xian can’t really compete with Jay’s music which went up into space with China’s 3rd manned crew in the Shenzhou 7 trip that recently completed its journey and spacewalk. Now that’s music globalization.

Both Albums release in October!

8 thoughts on “Jay Chou vs. Hou Xian

  1. I personally feel that Hoho and Jay shouldn’t be compared to each other as they both have their own merits as artists. If I had to choose, I would say Jay as he is my all time favourite Mandopop singer, but Hou Xian is also a very talented composer and I love every song on his second album Invincible Eastern.

  2. I personally feel that Hoho and Jay shouldn’t be compared to each other as they both have their own merits as artists. I personally prefer Jay as he is my all time favourite Mandopop singer, but Hou Xian is also a very talented composer and I love every song on his second album Invicible Eastern.

  3. I very like Chines songs But….Hou Xian’s songs….

    I think , It torn about firmness.

    So, I like Jay Chou more than him.

  4. I haven’t listened to every Hou Xian song, but I’m getting there. I want to listen to them all so I’ll be able to decide which album to get. ;) It’ll be a hard decision. I think Jay’s music still has a bit more variety, even just between the ZGF songs. After all, “Ju Hua Tai” is very different from “Huo Yuan Jia” and “Shuang Jie Gun” is very different from “Dong Feng Po.” Hou Xian’s work is great, though, definitely better than LeeHom’s attempt this year, though LeeHom has done some great ZGF-like songs on “Shangri-La” and “Heroes of Earth.”

    When I first heard Jay, I didn’t know he composed all his own songs, so I listened at least in part because I liked his voice. It was only in 2007 that I first heard him, seeing as he wasn’t actually “famous” where I grew up, and he’s only really known to the Asians in my area, so since I’m white and my family doesn’t listen to anything foreign, I never heard of Jay until I started studying Chinese. (I don’t think I’ll ever grasp how famous he is unless I go to Asia, since it’s kind of surreal for me still.) That’s why it took me a while to realize that he actually composed all of his own music. I liked his voice first and then his music. I think Jay’s most recent album showed his weaknesses in both, though.

    I think that Hou Xian has a certain interesting way of twisting his vocals, I guess working Chinese opera into his songs. I like that about his vocals, but Jay’s vocals are more “soulful,” more like Khalil Fong’s, though Khalil admittedly has better vocals. I can see how it really depends on personal preferences.

  5. I think the like of Jay’s vocals are a matter of preference, but like I said, they both aren’t known for vocals and I’m not a fan of either of their voices but rather their songwriting.

    Did you listen to all of Hou Xian’s songs? Because I like Hou Xian’s ZGF as much as than Jay’s. He doesn’t have variety in music genre, but I don’t think that’s required and I love zhong guo feng so for me, there can’t be enough. His songs while all ZGF don’t sound like repeats of each other.

    Anyway, this was just a fun comparison that I thought of because their songs were leaked at the same time and because I was just starting this site and not really knowing what to write about back then.

    In general I have a much higher opinion of Jay’s song-writing ability despite Capricorn, but I coddle Hou xian a bit because it is so sad how little he is known compared to Jay and I do appreciate the fact that he took (a lot of) time to produce a stellar sophomore album even though it hurts me to think that he’s gonna hurt financially if he keeps doing that.

    I mean, it’s been months since his release, and he’s only got one really horrificly cheap MV for one song.

    Thanks for the opinion though…I like knowing what others think about him because he’s so unknown

  6. I don’t think you can really compare these two specific songs, since “Dao Xiang” isn’t ZGF and “Tang Song Yuan Ming Qing” is. That being said, if you really want to compare this year’s ZGF songs, “Lan Ting Xu” would be the choice for Jay’s song.

    I admit to being a huge fan of Jay, but I also have high standards for him. After listening to a lot of Hou Xian’s songs (and yes, I do plan on buying one next year because I do like Hou Xian’s music now that you’ve introduced me to it), I’d have to say he doesn’t have the same variety that Jay has, and he doesn’t have Jay’s vocals, not that his vocals are bad or anything. They just lack something that Jay’s have. Jay’s music has kind of been in a decline, though, IMO, and Hou Xian does mostly ZGF, which is usually my favorite part of each Jay album anyways. I don’t think Hou Xian has anything I’d compare to some of Jay’s best ZGF songs, but he’s still a good artist.

  7. hey, you’re right, he has a bit of Danson’s quality. Hou Xian is pretty good ^_^ Thanks for introducing him!

    Of course, Jay Chou’s songs always rock, he’s sooooo talented! ^_^

  8. Jay Chou seems like a political singer, like Moby, Bono. I have never really listened to his music until know. Hou Xian reminds me of Danson Tang. I don’t know why, but he does. After listening to both songs, Hou Xian has a better traditional Chinese sound then Jay Chou. Which I like more personally.

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