BOBO goes old school with Lin Hao

I thought I should have a BOBO post since they are the current header for the site, which was simply because they were the only ones of whom I had a large enough pic to make the header with. They are a singing duo whose name comes from the similar-sounding words in their names, Fu Xinbo and Jing Boran.

Despite that unfortunate moniker I like them, because they can actually sing well and are fun to watch. This is their newest MV, for a remake of an old song, Big China. It’s not on any of their albums and think it’s just a promotional video. Usually I find them pretty cute but when Lin Hao, 9-year old Earthquake survivor and Olympic mini-flag bearer, is in the MV, there’s really no competition. He’s there in the beginning and end, bald patch and all.

They also sang their song “Guang Rong” at the end (or should I say after?) of the Paralympics opening ceremony, though that was not televised live. You can hear it being sung however, at the video found at

4 thoughts on “BOBO goes old school with Lin Hao

  1. hi! i’m a beginning fan of BOBO and i am enjoying your posts on them. Very informative and your commentary in general is really valuable! i’m learning a lot here ;)


  2. Yes, they are an idol group from the mainland. All I have are mainland news. I really really need to find something interesting from HK and Taiwan or people will think this blog is only about mainland stars.

    I agree the song is total cheese. But this was made during the Olympics and everything during that time was a big patriotic cheesefest really. Lin Hao seems like a level-headed kid though, so hopefully the fame won’t ruin his personality.

    You should try some of BOBO’s other MVs on youtube to get an idea of what they are really like as a group. They have been promoted very heavily in China, so they may become big in the future.

  3. I’ve never heard of the group BOBO, are they from the mainland?

    Anyway, their voices aren’t bad, and the song certainly has a nostalgic feel to it, but the mv and the inclusion of Lin Hao is just so typical for China. I’m usually very patriotic, but this seemed slightly over-the-top, in a cheesy sense.

  4. I really liked the song when I first heard it years ago. I love these two guys. Bobo improved on their singing ^^. The beginning of the MV gave me goose pumps somehow.

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