Another Wedding!

Nie Yuan thinking what is going on with all the weddings?

What? Another marriage? I just posted about a celeb wedding and the new Three Kingdoms series. Put them together and what do you get? A recipe for another wedding and me a little spooked at how quickly all the good actors are getting taken.

Nie Yuan, who plays Zhao Yun in the new Three Kingdoms has just gotten hitched today to his girlfriend/fiancee of two years, Yang Guang, also an actress. So far there are no official wedding pics, just candids. I will certainly post them when I get the goods.

Also in attendance to congratulate the happy couple was fellow 3K cast member and cutie Lu Yi , Mr. Zhu Geliang himself, also a married man. They don’t stay single for long in China ladies, those actors. Get them while you can. Meanwhile, I’m going to add a tag for weddings. If this keep up, I may have to make it into a entire category.

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