Wedding Bells are in the Air!

Pan Yueming and Dong Jie are getting married!

The eternally cute actress Dong Jie, who most recently played the female half of the famous Lian Zhu couple in the series Butterfly Lovers has been announced as planning on marrying actor Pan Yueming, who’s also made a name for himself through series such as Moment in Peking. This is surprising since nobody knew they were even in a relationship.

Not that anyway is listening to me, but I thoroughly approve of Dong Jie’s choice. Pan Yueming is not only cute, but has a rich deep voice that will carry him through their golden years when their movie star looks begin to fade.

2 thoughts on “Wedding Bells are in the Air!

  1. What!!!!!!!
    OMG! last time i checked on her i only thought it was a rumor that they were dating.
    oh my god! thank you so much^^

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