Taiwan Lifts Its Restrictions on Mainland Entertainers

Anson Hu a month ago became an exception to Taiwan's rule that no mainlanders could give solo concerts in Taiwan...now he'll be one of the many.

The company that brought Na Ying and Faye Wong to fame is ready to present it’s newest mainland superstar – Huang Yali, an energetic 19-year-old. Taiwanese companies have recently been increasingly signing on mainlanders, from rock bands such as Fusion and AOK to pop stars like Jade Liu. This is probably in light of the fact that after Taiwan’s changed presidents this past year, things have begun changing with respect to Mainland-Taiwan relations, including a suggested lifting of restrictions on mainland artists activities in Taiwan.

This finally became reality recently:

Leehom is back and looking really good…

This is what jet-lagged Leehom looks like. Life's not fair.
This is what severly jet-lagged (Shanghai, HK, Taipei in twelve hours!) Leehom looks like. Yeah, Life's not fair.

I’m not talking about his physical features, although I’ve put up a recent picture which speaks for itself on that matter. I’m talking about his music. Practically everyone has mentioned everything about his new album and any news about it, so I have little room to work with, but I was so impressed with the album that I decided to post on him anyway although I’m just going to talk about two tracks that are more “news-related” than others.


Pictures from the set of Le Huo Nan Hai

Someone wanted know more about Le Huo Nan Hai, so this is a post for you. This is the last picspam I am doing for Le Huo Nan Hai, aka the Superboys Musical because I think it’s finished wrapping up its shoot, and probably all that’s left is editing and then come summer time 2009 China will have her first musical since the underwhelming Perhaps Love. Actually, probably more pictures will come out when they start doing publicity for this, so I’ll post on it then, but that won’t be for a while. I don’t even know if I’ll be running this site then.



Kwai Lun-mei Rocks It; Feng Xiaogang Evaluates Peers


The girl with the name that I will never know how to romanize properly but still love, is dabbling in singing with her quirky song “Hello Microphone”, theme song to quirky movie “Not All Women Are Bad”, in which she plays a quirky singer. I use the word quirky a lot because I don’t know any other adjectives for the movie. I wish I could call it good, but If You Are the One‘s director Feng Xiaogang has apparently monopolized that adjective for the season. But can he write lyrics??

Gui Lun-mei – Hello Microphone (lyrics by movie’s director Tsui Hark)


Winter Wonderland in Harbin


With all the concerts coming up in China that I want to go to badly, and me still not anywhere close to achieving the big trip across the pond, let’s live vicariously and take a look at how China is celebrating her Christmas. China‘s northern city of Harbin is ambitious… not only is it mulling over a bid for the 2018 Winter Olympics, but for is annual world renowned ice festival where an entire small town is created out of blocks of ice with embedded lights, it’s also building the world’s largest snow Santa Claus.


Wishing You a Merry Christmas with Cute, Happy MVs

Thanks to insomnia I’m posting with a couple of MVs for everybody as a way to start their Christmas bright and happily.


First up is Top Combine’s Cotton Candy, a sweet song composed and written by member Ma Xueyang from their debut EP. Best part would have to be Zhang Yuan trying to bribe the little girl with sweets and food.

Top Combine – Cotton Candy

Next is Jerry (Yuan Chengjie) and Stephy’s (Qi Wei) ‘s Fantasy Romance.. I have the hardest time trying to translate their very Chinese group name to English and finally I decided on Boy and Girl. They were formed in China last year and this song is very different from the ballads they released on their debut album. However, I absolutely love looking at the MV. It’s like a gap commercial and Schoolhouse Rock song rolled into one, and they’re both quite expressive, and it just makes me happy looking at it and I want to spread that happiness.

Boy and Girl (Nan Cai Nv Mao) – Fantasy Romance (lyrics by Stephy)

Wei Chen’s “Struggle”


Wei Chen, one of the new F4, recently returned to act in the play version of the biggest mainland drama of 2006, “Fen Dou/Struggle.” after leaving for a while to film “Le Huo Nan Hai” amongst his many various activities. He also sings the just released theme song,” Feng Ren Yuan/Lunatic’s wish,” for the play, composed by good friend and fellow Super Boy Lu Hu.


Stills from A Tribute to Stephen Chow


This is satirical series which involves a series of homages to Stephen Chow movies, and revolves around the character of “Xiao Qiao” played by Jing Boran, in his acting debut. Eva Huang Shengyi, whose company is backing this series will be making an appearance as well, despite having been at odds with Stephen Chow over her contract to appear in more Kung Fu Hustle films in the boring role of the lollipop girl. When asked by media about this she said this wasn’t a big deal, and was doing it as a favor to her company.

More pictures below, including one of her and her manager/sometimes actor, Yang Zi (who paid her way out of that contract) in a familiar position, but mostly of Jing Boran, the younger one in singing duo BoBo, which incidentally won best mainland group at the “Wind and Cloud” newcomer awards. Expect a fairly detailed post on that particular awards ceremony once better videos come out.


“If You Are The One” Dominates the Box Office


Well, we all knew it would, despite the lack of too much promotion (boring posters and trailers that don’t say much) because it’s a Feng Xiaogang movie and that man has the midas touch when it comes to box office power. However, with a 100 million yuan intake for the first six days it’s been out, its already almost double the already good take for “Mei Lan Fang”.